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iOS 9 has brought in a lot of new features, but Apple is always committed to keep bringing more awesome features to iOS without any break. We already know that Apple is working on the bugs in iOS 9 and is planning to release the next iOS 9 firmware soon, called the iOS 9.1. The testing is going on and two betas had been released up till now. As expected, Apple has kept up with its regular update schedule and has released the third iOS 9 beta few days ago to the Developer Center. While the developers are working on the bugs, let us tell you what’s exciting in iOS 9 beta 3 [download instructions below].

Image : Download iOS 9 Beta 3 Wallpapers

ios 9.1 wallpaper download

Though the third iOS 9 beta might not carry a lot of new things, but Apple has surely packed it with three new wallpapers. The wallpapers are static and revolve around the planetary theme. In case you have already guessed, you’re right – these are the same three planets that we already have in iOS. However, this time Apple has revamped the photos to make them look more appealing. The darkness of the photos has been reduced and they look better now.

Download iOS 9.1 Beta 3 Wallpapers :

In case you are wondering how to get the new wallpapers, it’s very easy. If you are running an iOS 9.1 beta, then you can update to iOS 9.1 beta 3 to get the new wallpapers. Once you update to iOS 9 beta 3, go to SettingsWallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper > Stills. You will find the new wallpapers ready to choose.  ios-9-wallpaper download

You can easily make out the difference between the previous photos and the new photos. The new revamped ones look more premium and of better quality than the older ones. The quality has surely been bumped up.

If you are not running iOS 9.1 beta, you don’t need to go through the pain of downloading iOS 9.1 beta 3 on your iOS device to get the wallpapers. We have already extracted these wallpapers and you can download them from this link right away.

Download Wallpaper :

  1. Download Links  [iOS 9.1 beta 3 – Zipped File – 1.2 MB]
  2. Download Links [iOS 9 – Zipped ]

As far as the progress of iOS 9.1 goes, it looks like Apple is very keen on bringing in some new things to the firmware, and we hope that these revamped wallpapers are just a start to a series of greater updates. iOS 9.1 will be released soon and is expected to wipe out all the bugs in iOS 9 and also bring in some new features. So stay tuned.

How to Download iOS 9.1 beta 3 :

In case you want to download the iOS 9.1 beta 3, there are two methods.

Method 1 – OTA Upgrade : If you are already running the previous beta version, which is iOS 9.1 beta 2, then you need to go to Settings, then tap on General, and finally select Software Update. You will notice that the iOS 9.1 beta 3 update will already be waiting for the installation approval. But remember that this method works only when you have a previous beta installed.

ios_9 (2)

Method 2 – Activate UDID: In case it’s the first time that you will be installing iOS 9.1 beta or if you want to install fresh from scratch, then you can go to the Apple Developer Program [link] to download the firmware files. If you are not yet a member of the program, then remember that it costs $99 per year for the membership. But in case $99 seems too much, which it is, then you can use our Premium UDID Activation [link] service, which costs only $10 per year and provides you with all the latest beta releases for that one year.

Method 3 – Without UDID Activation :

So if you want to install iOS 9.1 beta 3 and don’t want to buy a udid slot , then this tutorial will help you out. We suggest trying the new beta on an alternate device and not on your primary one, as betas come with bugs and cause devices to misbehave.

Download iOS 9.1 beta 3 :

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