iOS 10.3.2 Beta 3 Download

After releasing the jailbreak killing iOS 10.3.1 release, the first iOS 10.3.2 beta’s were made available by Apple soon after. Thanks to the Public Beta program, users can now test out the betas for free just like how the developers do. Keeping up to its release schedule, Apple has seeded iOS 10.3.2 beta 3 to its Developer program. This beta has come just a week after the second iOS 10.3.2 beta was released for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone devices.

Image : iOS 10.3.2 Beta 3 Download Links

ios 10 beta 3

iOS 10.3.2 Beta 3 Features :

Rather than bringing any new features to the table, Apple is using iOS 10.3.2 to continue their task of keeping iOS 10 as free of bugs and trouble as possible while keeping performance in tip-top condition. The latest release reveals that there is nothing major added to the firmware. Instead, it contains :

  • Bug fixes to eradicate problems experienced by users of iOS 10.3.1
  • Performance enhancements
  • Security patches

The latter indicates that Apple is stepping up the fight against jailbreaking and has more than likely patched the Yalu Jailbreak that was released a while back. For now, don’t update your device to iOS 10.3.2 until we know more about to expect.

Download Links :

Like we said before, the third beta of iOS 10.3.2 is now available to developers only. If you have installed a previous iOS 10.3.2 beta on your iOS device, then the new beta should be available to you right away in the form of an OTA update, which can be checked out in the Software Update section of the Settings app.

Note : This is a beta firmware and work only when your device is registered on the Apple Developer Centre [ ext link ] . The normal cost for a account registration for a period of 1 year is $99 , however you can buy a single udid slot registration [ext link] for only $10 per device . This registration allows 1 year of all iOS 10 beta downloads for the device. Each additional device registration costs $5 .

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  1. I’m losing respect for Apple with every so-called ‘update,’ eg the extended battery life setting is simply an automated change to settings which you’ve written about before (things like disabling fetch, etc).

    Apple, is it too much to ask for the Mail app to find e-mails without taking an hour to do so, something it could easily do under iOS 8?

    I want Mail to show the actual date the email arrived (like it used to do), instead of showing this ‘today’ or ‘yesterday’ relative dating nonsense (useless if you’re logging actual dates: at least allow users to turn this “new and improved feature” off if they don’t agree it’s a step-forward).

    I want the app switcher to be more responsive to the touch instead of being so finicky, i.e. what used to be trivial to do with a simple swipe of the thumb (eg forced closing an app) now requires conscious effort.

  2. This info is almost a week old now
    And You just emailed it to me today
    Maybe something new would be good
    I’m starting to get sick getting the same email every day with old or repeatative news
    You’s used to be good,I’m seriously considering unsubscribing
    It’s really becoming pointless,step your game up jailbreakmodo

  3. recently my iphone4s(9.0.2) jail broken using pangu, worked fine

    but today i have installed anydrop tweak ..
    once spring board restarted …my phone unable to load homemenu…always black screen with apple logo..

    just i have done restore process from itunes

    my phone upgraded to 9.1

    is there anyway to jailbreak again??

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