iOS 10.3 Beta 7 Download

Just a couple of days ago, Apple released iOS 10.3 beta 6 and now, quick off the mark we have iOS 10.3 beta 7, ready for download for registered developers and those that have gotten themselves on the Public Beta program. Things really are hotting up from Apple as this is also just a day after they launched Single Sign On for some iOS 10 devices. This feature was originally released as part of the iOS 10.3 beta program and has now been rolled out to US users only, with other places to follow.

Image : iOS 10.3 Beta 7


iOS 10.3 Features :

iOS 10.3 beta 7 is a large download, which suggests that this is the final build before the new firmware goes live, sometime in the coming days. The new software will also contain

  • Diagnostic software to help work out why battery shutdown is being suffered on some iPhone 6S units.
  • New emoji’s
  • A brand new TV app
  • User interface changes to the Music app,
  • Full Screen iMessage effects
  • SOS calling feature for Indian users.

iOS 10.3 beta 7 is purely a bug fix and improvements release, a simple polish up on the previous betas as it gets ready for public release.

How to Download iOS 10.3 Beta 7

  • If you are already using iOS 10.3 beta 6 as a registered developer, simply go to Settings > General > Software Update on your device and update to the latest beta ota ios 10
  • If you are not a registered developer or part of the Public Beta program, you will need to visit either or to get registered before you can download the firmware
  • You do have one more alternative you can join our premium UDID Registration [ext link] program and pay just $10 per year for access to all the public beta releases from Apple. More information about that can be found at the given link.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Update :

With Apple releasing new updates at their current speed, it is proving incredibly difficult for the jailbreak teams to keep up and the latest news from Luca Todesco is not encouraging. It is looking likely that iOS 10.3 download is going to be very difficult to jailbreak and, as such, we may have to wait even longer for a new utility.

We will keep you up to date on the latest jailbreak news, along with more details about the release of iOS 10.3 in the coming days. To get these updates straight to your inbox, as they happen, follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our free email newsletter

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