Downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.2

iOS 10 has been successfully launched and, as always, there was the usual rush to update, causing no end of update errors as Apple’s servers failed to cope. For those that did manage to update safely some are finding that iOS 10 is not quite a stable as they hoped. However, as usual, iOS 9.3.2 firmware is still being signed by Apple and will be for a while yet so this tutorial is for those of you that would rather downgrade and wait for the problems in iOS 10 to be sorted out.

Image : iOS 10 Downgrade Tutorial

downgrade ios 10

How to Downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9 :

  1. Download the iOS 9.x.x IPSW file for your specific model of device that is still being signed by Apple.
  2. Make sure that you are running the latest version of iTunes. To find out, open iTunes and click on the Help menu. Click o the option for Check for Updates – if there is an update follow the instructions on-screen to download it. itunes update mac
  3. Next, on your iOS device, open Settings > iCloud and then disable Find My iPhone – you can enable it again later find my iphone turn off
  4. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iOS device to it iTunes open iphone 6
  5. Place your iOS device into Restore, or DFU mode. To do this, hold down the Power and Home button on your device at the same time. Wait until the Apple logo appears on your device screen and then release the Power button. Continue to hold the Home button until you see the Connect to iTunes message on your screen
  6. iTunes will tell you that it has detected a device in Recovery mode and you will be asked if you want to update or restore your device. Tap on Alt key [windows users] – Option Key [mac users] and click on Restore button.itunes restore
  7. Navigate to the iOS 9 IPSW file you downloaded earlier and select it ios 9 ipsw
  8. Follow the on screen instructions
  9. iTunes will now begin the process of downgrading your iOS device. ios_9_restore_in_progress
  10. When it has finished, your device will reboot and will start up on the Welcome screen. ios_9_hello_screen

That is pretty much all there is to it. Make sure that you download the right IPSW file – there is a different one for each model of each separate device and, if you download the wrong one, it won’t work.

Have you decided to downgrade from iOS 10 ? Tell us why ? What didn’t you like about iOS 10 [ Read iOS 10 Features] , or is it just that iOS 10 Jailbreak has not released at the moment ?

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  1. iOS 10 beta in my iPhone 6s Plus has the following
    Pproblems :
    Sending message difficulty
    Facebook unstable never keep opened
    Navigation voice in Sygic and igo is not
    Other important apps I use it are not compatible

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