Downgrade iOS 9.3.1 to iOS 9.3

iOS 9 is no doubt the greatest of all the iOS firmwares in terms of features. However, the first public version of iOS 9 didn’t go down well with the users due to it being buggy and having battery, performance, and other issues. It is possible that many people might be experiencing more issues in iOS 9.3.1 than in iOS 9.3, which will ultimately lead to them wanting to downgrade iOS 9.3.1 to the latter version. So in case you feel better downgrading from iOS 9.3.1 to iOS 9.3, then follow this tutorial here. Update 1 [ 1st Apr 2016 ] : Apple stopped signing the iOS 9.3 firmware. This means you can no longer install iOS 9.3 on your iOS device and when you try to install iOS 9.3 on your device manually using iTunes via ipsw method , iTunes will return an error “This device is not eligible for the requested build“. iOS 9.3.1 to iOS 9.3 downgrade is not possible at the moment .

Image : Downgrading iOS 9.3.1

ios 9 downgrade

Apple does not neglect its users at all and therefore, it is working continuously on rolling out updates for iOS 9 to fix all the problems in it. Apple has already released iOS 9.3.1 , which fix some of the issues in iOS 9.3 .

How to Downgrade iOS 9.3.1 to iOS 9.3

  1. Download iOS 9.3 ipsw file for your device.
  2. Update iTunes in your computer to the latest version and only then proceed ahead with the next steps. itunes update mac
  3. Go to the Settings app in your iOS device and navigate to iCloud. Now disable Find My iPhonefind my iphone turn off
  4. Now open iTunes in your computer and plug in your iOS device.itunes device summary
  5. Backup your existing data using itunes itunes backup ios 9
  6. You now need to put your iOS device in the Restore mode. To do this, press and hold the Home and Power button together until you see the Apple logo on screen.dfu iphone 6 plus ios 9
  7. Once you see the logo, release the Power button but keep pressing the Home button till the connect to iTunes message comes on screen.  itunes_connect_recovery_screen - connect to itunes
  8. iTunes will now identify your iOS device in the recovery mode and will give you an option to restore or update your device. Press and hold Shift key [on Windows PC] or Alt [on a Mac system] and click the Update button. itunes update iphone
  9. Select the iOS 9.3 ipsw file downloaded in Step 1ios 9 ipsw
  10. Now accept the iOS 9.3 terms of use. ios 9.3 download itunes
  11. Now iTunes will install iOS 9.3 on your device . In case your iOS device leaves the Recovery Mode, you just need to put it back in the Recovery mode and repeat from Step 5 skipping Step 7 .
  12. The downgrade will be completed in a few minutes and your iOS device will display the Slide to Upgrade Screen. Just slide and you’re done. slide to setup - hello screen

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  1. I am using an iPad Air 1 ver ios 9.0.2 trying to downgrade to 9.0.1. I tried and it says i can upgrade ti 9.0.2 when im already at it… How to downgrade?

  2. The signing period for iOS 9.2 has been closed by Apple and therefore making the downgrade impossible. You will receive an error when attempting so

  3. Bonjour même soucis je suis en iOS 9.2.1 et j’aimerai revenir en 9.0 ou 9.0.1
    impossible toujours le même message ” l’ipad ne peut pas être restaurer car le fichier de programme interne est incompatible sur l’ipad”

    J’ai un ipad 2 d’origine il était en iOS 7….
    Merci d’avance j’ai vraiment besoin de votre aide.

  4. Where do I find the ios9.3 ipsw downgrade file. Tried the instructions but can’t figure it out. Need more info. Thanks

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