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On Sept 16th 2015, iOS 9 was officially released and we expected to see a jailbreak utility shortly after, which proved to be right. Within a month of iOS 9 release Pangu team came up with an iOS 9 Jailbreak which they released on 14th oct 2015 . Below we have come up with tutorial to download Cydia on all iOS releases after iOS 9. Keep reading for the tutorial along with video instructions for first time users which will help to download Cydia on your iPhone.

Image : Tutorial to Download Cydia on iPhone

cydia download ios 9

Cydia iOS 9 Download :

Cydia iOS 10 Download :

Cydia iOS 11 Download :

You can download Cydia into your iPhone or iPod Touch in two given ways .

  1. The First method is to download Cydia app icon on your device without a PC .
  2. The Second method is to jailbreak it using an iOS jailbreak tool that runs on your PC or Mac system . This is done using jailbreak installer like Pangu , Taig or PP Jailbreak tools . Download links with video tutorial given below .

Method 1 : Download Cydia using Safari Method

If you are looking to get Cydia app icon on iOS , while waiting for the iOS jailbreak installers to release  , this tip might come in handy . The methods requires No Computer and is 100% reversible with the delete process. Keep reading for more details on the download process below . Detailed video given below .

  1. Make sure you have the latest iOS version installed on your device . This tutorial is specially designed for iOS devices . 
  2. Open Safari browser on your iOS device [ iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch] . You must choose Safari because Google Chrome , Opera and other browsers will not work in this ios 10 safari
  3. Open this URL in the address bar . This will lead you to the jailbreak page on our website specifically designed for this tutorial.
  4. Now tap the Up arrow at the bottom of the screen as shown here .
  5. Tap on Add to Home Screen to save the Cydia App Icon .
  6. Name the app as Cydia and tap on Add ios_9_jailbreak_cydia_add
  7. Congratulations. You now got Cydia app icon on iOS . Open the app icon to stay updated to iOS jailbreak status . ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10

Video : Here is a step by step process explained on video

Method 2 : Jailbreak using Pangu Jailbreak

  1. Launch iTunes and connect your device to the computer .
  2. Backup all your Apps and then close iTunes itunes backup ios 9
  3. Download Pangu jailbreak tool for your system [ Available in Windows and Mac ] .
  4. Connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac and open the utility [ in Administrator Mode for Windows users ] admin mode pangu 9
  5. Let the jailbreak detect your iOS device and then click on Start button as shown here
    pangu 9.0.2 jailbreak
  6. Leave the utility to jailbreak your iOS device, only interacting when required to do so . pangu_9_jailbreak_screen
  7. Once Cydia appears on your home screen, the jailbreak is complete
  8. Tap on the Cydia icon to configure it and start downloading Cydia app
  9. Note that some jailbreak apps may not be compatible with the latest Cydia tweaks . So be sure you read the description carefully. We have compiled a list of such tweaks here .

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    1. Glad you liked it. Hope you could download cydia on your iOS device following our instructions . Do let us know if you cant figure anything out

  1. I think you did a wonderful job detailing it in your article.
    Sure beats having to research it on my own. Thank you.

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