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Apple has finally released its much awaited operating system for the iPhone and iPad , iOS 9. In this article we have covered what iOS 9 brings for users , supported vices , download links and installation guides . Keep reading for more details .

Image : iOS 9 running on iPhone 6

ios 9 cydia

Siri :

With iOS 9 Apple has boosted the capability of what Siri can do for you on your iPhone . You can now use your personal voice assistant to do you day to day work effortlessly as Siri becomes 40% more accurate than before . Siri can now work with photos and videos stored on your phone . You can ask Siri to show you the photos you took in your last vacation to Europe , even pin point to a particular location and date when asked .

ios 9 siri

ProActive Assistant :

This new features makes Search right on iOS which had been added long ago . The new Search feature on iOS 9 can give you loads of actions based on your daily activity . These actions are customised based on your personal usage stored on the device , not even linked to your id , so that it cannot be traced back or tracked .

proactive search ios 902 proactive search ios 901

You can assess traffic conditions before you leave for office , choose to snooze or ignore a notification and get directions for the fastest route even if you are travelling using public transport .

Maps on iOS 9 :

iOS 9 gets new transit view maps which includes direction for using public transport buses, trains, subways, and ferries . With transit maps you get all the details you need for using public transport [in supported cities] like the mode of transport available , nearest station or stop , route layout , timings  etc .

ios 9 maps transit

Multi Tasking on iPad :

Supported iPad models now get multitasking feature where you have two apps running simultaneously side by side on a screen . You can adjust the screen space that each app takes . Now even watch picture in picture . Keep your favorite video running on the side while you work on your latest presentation or while replying an email .


Power Saving Mode :

If you place your iPhone on the table with its face down, the screen will turn off automatically to save power. It does so with the help of proximity and the ambient light sensors. This, along with many other tweaks, has done a lot to improve the battery life in iOS, reportedly by an hour or more. During the Keynote, the Low Power mode was showcased, which is said to increase the battery life by a whopping 3 hours .

The Low Power Mode saves power by limiting the performance and network activity, fetching emails manually, reducing brightness and Motion, disabling background downloads and app refresh, and decreasing the network speed. The Low Power mode can be turned on from the new Battery Menu inside Settings .


iCloud Drive App :

A new and fresh iCloud Drive app has been reportedly included in iOS 9, and as the name suggests, you will be able to access your files that you stored in the iCloud Drive. The iCloud Drive app is by default hidden, so you need to enable it in the Settings app. Just go to iCloud > iCloud Drive > Show on Home Screen option.



Search in Settings app :

Finally, we get to see a search option in the Settings app. Now it will be easier to navigate to the settings that you need to change, rather than having to go through a lot of different screens to find that one setting you are looking for.


Shift Key :

Before iOS 9, it was hard to know whether you are typing capital letters or lower-case letters, because the keyboard always displayed only capital letters. But in iOS 9, the keyboard will display lower-case letters when you turn off the Shift key, and capital letters will be displayed when you turn it on again.

shift key ios 9

This new update can take time to get used to, and if you don’t like this new feature, you may disable it by following these simple steps in your device. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Show Lowercase Keys option.

Photos app Gets a Scrubber :

A scrubber has been included in the Photos app which allows you to flip quickly through your photos in the camera roll. You can access this feature between the toolbar and the photo at the bottom.

Back to App/Back to Search :

You now get a ‘Back to Search’ option in the status bar at the top-left corner when you launch an app through Spotlight. This shortcut enables you to jump back to Spotlight. It is quite useful, as it saves you the effort of going back to the Home screen all over again to use Spotlight.

‘Back to App’ is a similar new function which gives you a shortcut to the previous app when you get a Notification.

Add Mail Attachment :


Apple has finally made it possible to attach files directly from iCloud Drive. When in the compose window, tap and hold inside the body of the mail to get an ‘Attachment’ option along with the option to ‘Insert Photos and Videos’.

Modified App Switcher :

ios 9 app switcher

The app switcher has again witnessed a redesign in iOS 9, and a coverflow effect has been added. Favourite and Recent Contacts have also been omitted this time. A glimpse of this redesign had been given on the iPad already.

Refreshed Siri :

Siri has also got redesigned and now resembles the Siri that you see on the Apple Watch.ios-9-siri

Side Switch :

The iPad already has this feature, and now the iPhone gets it too with the iOS 9. This feature allows you to utilize the side switch for Mute or Lock screen.

4-Digit Passcodes are now 6 Digits :


This new modification has been done to make your passcode difficult to crack. So if you want to change your passcode, you will now need to enter 6 digits instead of only 4. Though you still get the option to use a 4-digit code, which can be found in the Password options.

iOS 9 Supported Devices :

iOS 9 supports all the devices earlier supported by iOS 8 . You can find the entire iOS 9 – 9.1 compatibility list here .

Download iOS 9 :

Right now apple has released iOS 9 and a closed beta released of iOS 9.1 for developers only as of writing this article . You can download iOS 9.1 on your device if you have registered devices on the developer’s page . We offer $10 device udid registration that allows 1 year access to all iOS 9.1 beta releases , including iOS 10 that comes next year . To register your device , head on to our udid registration page  . Links for download below .

Please note that installation of iOS beta is not possible without udid registration and may lead to activation errors .

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