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iOS is known to be a perfect smartphone OS, and iOS 9 just takes the legacy further with smoother performance and more new features. Released more than a week ago, iOS 9 is running on millions of iOS devices now and Apple has done a great job with it.

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ios 9 update software

However, iOS users will agree with the fact that any new iOS firmware is buggy in its initial few versions and it takes a lot of testing, development, and a handful of updates to iron out the issues and make the firmware stable and free of all problems. The same has happened with iOS 9. You can Find the iOS 9 IPSW Download links below . For installation method , follow our tutorial for iOS 9 Install .

Download iOS 9.0 IPSW Files :

iOS 9 Update Errors

Problems started on the day when iOS 9 was released. Everybody wanted to update to the new firmware quickly, which caused the Apple servers to choke up and thus many people faced update errors. Well, this was not a surprise and was bound to happen, because so many downloads at the same moment would cause any server to overload. However, the update errors reportedly vanished after a couple of days. In case you are still facing update errors while trying to update to iOS 9, then you can try the following solutions:

Other Major Issues in iOS 9

After the update errors vanished and the users started spending more time with their newly updated iOS 9 firmware, they started to notice some serious issues.

  • Many users running iOS 9 on older iPhone and iPad models reported that they were facing a battery draining issue after updating to iOS 9, while users with newer iOS devices did not complain of any such problem.
  • Some users reported that they were getting really slow speeds on WiFi in iOS 9, while previous iOS versions did not have any such issue.
  • Initial versions of new iOS firmwares are known to be buggy and certain apps tend to misbehave due to compatibility or other issues. Many users reported that they were experiencing app crashing after updating to iOS 9.
  • A lot of users reported that their devices felt slow and sluggish after updating to iOS 9, while everything was normal on iOS 8. It was observed that most of these users were on older iPhones or iPads, which shouldn’t really be the root cause but is worth noting.

Fortunately, many users have got rid of the several issues mentioned above using simple workarounds. Meanwhile, Apple is still working on solving the bugs and will soon come out with an update that will resolve all the issues in iOS 9.

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