iOS Crash Scam on the Rise – Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Scams have been persistent in the world from a long time, but it has really been a while when we heard about an Apple scam. Well, it seems that an Apple scam is doing rounds in different parts of the world and is ripping uninformed users of their hard-earned money. iPad and iPhone users have reported that they have been receiving regular pop-up notifications that state that their iOS has crashed and they must fix it by dialling a support help-line number .

Image : iOS Crash Scam Hit in 2015

ios crash scam

The scammers who are responsible for these fake notifications have targeted the iOS Safari browser, which is the default web browser in iOS devices. The notification urges the users to call the given helpline number and fix the error by paying a fixed amount. In the US, the users have been asked for charges between $19 to $80 for fixing the non-existent issue. UK users have also reportedly witnessed the errors and have been asked £20 for fixing the supposed error.

While browsing in Safari, the users get a pop-up which says that:  ” Warning!! iOS Crash Report!!. Due to a third-party application in your device, iOS is crashed. Contact Support for Immediate Fix.”

Users Who are Affected :

Some users have reportedly received another similar message that states: There is a problem with the configuration of your iOS. Please call Apple Technical Support. Many users have reported that these notifications had frozen their browser activity.

iPhone_6 crash error scam

The pop-up notification carries a series of numbers for the users to dial. These fake helplines in the UK are 0800 279 6211, 0800 652 4895 and 0800 310 1061. The Apple support forum was filled with user complaints stating that when they dialled these numbers, the person on the other end told them that their data was being stolen by a third-party app and they would have to shell out their credit card details for getting rid of the issue.

The Telegraph made two calls to the above numbers and the phone was answered by a representative as iOS security, who claimed that he was a security provider to Apple. The representative asked for the serial number of the iPad repeatedly and told that fixing the problem is chargeable. When asked for more details about the website and address of the business, the call was cancelled twice by the operator.

This scam was reported first in the US last year in November and has now spread to the UK, where it is still being used to extract money illegally from unaware users.

Fix and Block the Crash Reports

A support page has been created by Apple to explain how to fix the scam pop-up. Here’s how you can prevent the scam notification from coming up again and again:

  1. Put your device into the Airplane mode by browsing to Settings and turning on the Airplane mode or swiping up from bottom and tapping the logo of the plane. airplane mode
  2. Clear all your Safari data by browsing to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.  clear history and website data2clear history and website data1
  3. Now open Safari and turn off the Airplane mode.

To permanently prevent this issue, browse to Settings > Safari > Block Pop-upsblock_popus_safari

Remember that this is a scam, so do not call the given number. Never give out your bank details or your iCloud username and password to anyone over the phone. Do spread this advice to all your family members and friends.

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