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Amazing new Cydia tweaks is what everybody with a jailbroken iOS device eagerly looks out for. Cydia has literally given us the freedom to customize our iOS devices the way we want. Most of the features offered by tweaks are not available in stock iOS, thus making jailbreaking a really alluring concept. Meanwhile, thanks to the release of iOS 9, a lot of new features have been introduced in iOS, thus paving way for new iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks trying to imitate popular features of the new firmware.

Image : 9 Jailbreak Tweaks on Cydia to Download

9 jailbreak tweaks

We have already told you about some great Cydia tweaks in our previous Cydia Tweaks List. So are you ready for more awesome tweaks to install in your iOS device ? Some of these tweaks imitate some iOS 9 features, while the others offer some other great features. So without wasting any further time, let’s kick-off !

1. BattSaver

battsaver1 (1)

This is perhaps one of the most popular Cydia tweaks, and because it saves battery and every iOS users would definitely like to increase the battery life of their devices, this tweak deserves the first position on this list. BattSaver simply increases battery life by turning off all the not-so-important features. The tweak has a good lot of features and is so awesome that it has been lifted off by Apple and has been introduced in iOS 9 as the Low Power Mode.

2. Multiplexer

multiplexer3 (1)

Second up on this list is the second most desired feature in iOS – seamless multi-tasking experience. The Multiplexer tweak has been designed as a one-stop tweak for all your multi-tasking needs. It consists of six major features or multi-tasking modes and each of them helps you switch between several tasks effortlessly. Some features of this tweak include having separate windows for apps, creating multiple desktops, performing a swipe to go to the previous app, etc.

3. Keek

keek5 (1)

The Keek tweak is another simple tweak to help you use your recent apps easily. It simply places the recently launched apps right inside the Control Center just beneath the Quick Launch apps. You can easily switch to the recent apps in full screen and can exit them instantly to come back to the Control Center. A simple little feature for those who tend to search a lot for their recently used apps.

4. 3DSwitcher


The App Switcher in stock iOS looks fluid and decent enough. But the 3DSwitcher jailbreak tweak makes things more exciting by adding visual effects to the App Switcher. The tweak allows you to apply cool animation effects to the App Switcher, so that the App Switcher screen scrolls in style when you press the Home button.

5. AltKeyboard 2

AltKeyboard1 (1)

Successor to the very successful AltKeyboard tweak, the newer AltKeyboard 2 is a boon to those who are used to typing a lot on their iOS devices and are looking for a nice tweak to improve the keyboard inputs. The tweak makes it easy for users to input upper-case letters and alternate characters on the keyboard. For instance, you just have to swipe up to input the alternate key and swipe down to input the letter in upper-case.

6. Force Touch Activator


You must have heard about the Force Touch aka 3D Touch technology in the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus ? Well, it helps users perform special gestures on the screen to activate shortcuts. However, it requires special hardware that is not present in the older iOS devices. However, the Force Touch Activator tweak attempts to bring the 3D Touch technology to older iOS devices. Even though it will not work as perfectly as the real 3D Touch, it is still a must try.

7. CCMore


The Quick Launch section in the Control Center helps you to launch some useful apps instantly. However, tapping on the apps opens them in full-screen. Thanks to the CCMore tweak, it allows you to open the Quick Launch apps right inside the Control Center in a half-screen window. This really useful tweak helps you to use the app even without having to open it completely.

8. Velox 2

cydia_velox0 (1)

If you have used Velox, you will know that it was an amazing tweak, and its successor Velox 2 makes things even better. The tweak basically enables you to open special views of any app with a special gesture. For example, swiping up on an app will bring up the Velox view of that app, which displays the pending notifications and special settings of that app.

9. WaveFlow


Are you one of those music lovers who listen to music a lot on their iOS device ? Well, the WaveFlow tweak will add a visualizer in the Music app, making it look more vibrant. Though the tweak works only with the stock Music app, it surely is worth buying if you fancy a visualizer while listening to your favourite songs.

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  1. Forcy is a great new iOS 9 tweak that brings 3D Touch Quick Actions to older iPhones. Cleaner lets you remove unnecessary files from your iOS device and free up storage on your iOS device, which can become a precious commodity over time.

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