How to Prepare for iOS 10 Jailbreak

Now that iOS 10 download is here and is being downloaded across the globe, it’s time to turn our attention to what comes next – the iOS 10 jailbreak. All of the exploits used in the previous jailbreak for iOS 9+ have been patched and we are now waiting on Pangu [ Pangu 10 – ext link ] to tell us when they will be able to release a utility for iOS 10. We are hoping that this is not going to be too far away; Pangu are pretty good at releasing their jailbreaks quickly so, while we wait, let’s look at what you need to do to prepare your iOS device for the iOS 10 jailbreak while still retaining your current one.

Image : Preparing for iOS 10 Jailbreak


  1. Don’t Update to iOS 10 Yet

If you are already using the PPHelper jailbreak for iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3, the last thing you want to do is update to iOS 10 jus yet – you will lose the jailbreak and you will not be able to downgrade to iOS 9.3.3 or earlier.

  1. Install Cydia Eraser cydia-eraser-in-hand

This used to be known as Cydia Impactor but has been renamed to Cydia Eraser. The tool will allow you to restore your iOS device in the event of a problem with the jailbreak but it will let you retain your current iOS version, this means that you can reinstall the jailbreak straight away. A normal restore will automatically update you to the latest iOS version and that means having to go without a jailbreak until one is released for iOS 10.

  1. Save SHSH Blobs

tinyumbrella-shsh blobs

Though it is true that SHSH blobs are no longer usable, there is a chance that a downgrade method will soon come out again and will help you save your jailbreak more easily. So it is no harm in saving your SHSH blobs. You can do it easily using the TinyUmbrella tweak [ext link].

  1. Delete the Tweaks You No Longer Use cleo3

This is good practice, something you should do on a regular basis. We are all guilty of downloading Cydia Tweaks [ all links ] that we never use but we don’t delete them. Remove any that you are not using and always take care, when you download a tweak, that you only do it from recognized and safe repositories. Using unknown sources for your tweaks can cause all sorts of issues on your device, not least, malware attacks.

  1. Don’t Touch Your File System

There are those who know what they are doing and then there are those that like to go exploring in places where they don’t know what they are doing. If you manage to delete a system file by accident, you are asking for serious trouble on your iPhone or iPad and will most likely need to restore your device. That means you will lose your jailbreak and will not be able to reinstall it. If you are not an expert at the iOS file system leave it alone.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Updates :

cydia ios 10.0 ios9c

To get this information, along with the download links and the guide on how to use the iOS 10 jailbreak, follow this link and bookmark the page for future updates along with following us on Facebook and Subscribing to our free email newsletter.




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  2. My cat Wesley would like to update to 9.2, but I keep telling him not to. Periodically, I have to beat him into a pulp to remind him about this.

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