iOS 10.3.2 Public Beta Download

Beta releases for iOS 10.3.2 have been announced by Apple [ download ] and have been made available through the company’s Developers Program, while Apple has also made the beta software available via its Public Beta program [ how to apply for tutorial below] that started for the first time this year for normal users without having to pay the 99$ yearly fee .

Image : Download iOS 10.3.2 beta for iPhone

public beta

Apple is known to keep its information hidden away from the public eyes during its beta testing stage , but it seems that now the company is realising how more quirks and bugs can be found in its software if more and more people get to test it . Both iOS and OS X are unstable in their beta versions, and anything that helps to make them bug-free and more stable should be considered by the engineers of Apple. Having said that, if you want to get into the programs as a beta tester and want to check out the latest iOS 10.3.2 ,  you can easily do so by following the below given steps.

Steps to Signup for iOS Public Beta Program :

  1. Sign up for the beta software program on the official Apple page here [ext link] .
  2. Once you go to the page, click the “Sign Up” button. You are required to have an Apple ID for the registration process. ios-9-beta-download-program2_iphone-6-e1444680894688
  3. The new terms and conditions page will show up. Click on the “Accept” button. ios-9-beta-download-program0_iphone-6-e1444680918303
  4. And you are done .Now all you need to do is wait for an email from Apple notifying you of the available beta downloads. ios-public-beta-apple

How to Install :

After you receive the confirmation that your account has been approved , login to this page [ext link] and follow the steps as explained .

  1. Backup your iOS device on iTunes itunes device summaryitunes backup ios 9
  2. From your iPhone or iPod, go to this link [ext link] and download the configuration profile from Apple servers . Your iPhone will now ask you to install the new configuration file . Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed . ios 9 profile
  3. iOS devices running iOS 10 will automatically receive the latest iOS 10.3.2 public beta software on their device. This can be done manually by going to Settings > General > Software Update to install any available beta software. ios-public-beta-iphone-ota

Note : Anyone who wants to sign up for the beta test releases of the Apple programs must know that these software will have some issues and hence are called beta’s. Apple makes them available for testing purposes, and the reason behind is that these unfinished versions are filled with bugs, which the testers need to identify and report. The device may behave strangely and not all apps might work properly. Also, your data might be lost, which is why testers always use a spare device. So in case you choose to try out the betas, be informed that they are buggy and do not start blaming the developers if the device does not work properly after the upgrade.

Having said that, it is always an exciting experience for Apple fans to test an unreleased Apple software and they can be hardly stopped from doing so, and more so when Apple has packed the software with loads of new exciting features.

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