iOS 10 vs iOS 9.3.5 Speed Test

iOS 10 has been in public circulation for several days now and, while millions have rushed to update to it, there are those who are still holding back, concerned perhaps that it will slow their iOS device down. This is truer of the owners of older devices because, let’s face it, each new iOS firmware packs more in and the older devices may not have what’s necessary to run it to its full potential. To help you make your decision, YouTube channel iAppleBytes has uploaded a series of videos comparing the performance of iOS 10 against iOS 9.3.5 on a range of different iPhones.

Image : iOS 10 vs iOS 9.3.5 Speed Test

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Is iOS 10 Any Faster ?

Speed is an important factor for many users because, no matter how many cool iOS 10 features we have, they are meaningless if the speed isn’t there to run them or if we have to wait for our devices to boot up and perform basic tasks. A number of speed test videos have hit the internet already.Lets take a look at the videos below, where 4 different devices have been tested on both firmwares to see which is faster at doing everyday tasks:

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How Fast is iOS 10 ?

The first thing you are likely to spot in the video below is that, compared to iOS 9.3.5, iOS 10 is somewhat slower at booting up but, once it is running, it is as fast, faster in some cases than iOS 9.3.5, even on the iPhone 5, the oldest handset with iOS 10 support and running a 4-year-old processor. However, you will also notice that iOS 10 really comes into its own on the newer devices.

For most iOS users, speed is the most important thing. It really doesn’t matter how many features Apple crams into iOS 10, if the speed is not there to run them efficiently. In the case of iOS 10, the test videos show clearly that, unless there is a truly compelling reason why you shouldn’t update, such as not wanting to lose your jailbreak, for example, then there really is nothing to stop you from updating. iOS 10 is not going to slow down your iOS device, indeed, in some cases, it may even speed it up and you also get a whole host of new features to experience as well.

Speed Test Video :

Video : iOS 10 vs iOS 9.3.5 Speed Comparison

Those features include new functionality and features on the Messages app redesigned Apple News and Music apps, a much better interface on the lock screen, and so much more besides. You can check out our news on the new iOS 10 features here and find out exactly what the new firmware has in store for you.

Have you updated to iOS 10 yet? Were you holding back because of concerns over speed ? Let us know what you think of the new firmware and, for more up to date news on iOS 10 and the next jailbreak, Follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our email newsletter for more iOS 10 news as it appears .




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