iOS 11 Download

iOS 11 download has finally been released, after several months of waiting and is available for download right now. Whether this one will be any more successful for jailbreakers than iOS 10 remains to be seen but it is packed with features that are well

iOS 11.4.1 Download

The latest release from the Cupertino camp is the iOS 11.4.1 download, another minor one released to patch a couple of bugs. These small updates are more about tying up loose ends now as Apple starts to turn their attention to iOS 12, expected to be revealed at WWDC

iOS 11.4 Download

iOS 11.4 firmware has been released, hot on the heels of iOS 11.3. The new update is only a small one, mostly bug fixes, but it does include a couple of exciting new features. iOS 11.4 is available for download right now and in a short while, we’ll

iOS 11.3.1 Download

iOS 11.3.1 download has been released and is available for download right now. It isn’t a huge update, containing a handful of bug fixes and security enhancements and a couple of other features included stereo support for HomePod, the addition of Airplay

iOS 10.3.3 Download

iOS 10.3.3 download has been released by Apple and is available for download right now. This could well be another nail in the coffin for the jailbreak community; ever since Apple released iOS 10 they have thrown update after update at it and, to date,

iOS 9.3.5 Download

When iOS 9.3.4 was dropped on us it was for one reason only – to patch PPHelper jailbreak for iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3. With iOS 10 well on the way to public release, we could have been forgiven for thinking that Apple would leave it at that but they haven’t. Instead,


Many of the third-party app installers released recently have also been given support for Android users like ACMarket app, offering them the opportunity to experience some of what iOS users have enjoyed for so


iOS 9 was widely thought of as being one of the best iOS versions ever but jailbreaks were still limited to those on certain iOS versions and those with a 64 bit device. TweakBox

iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak

iOS 9 has been the subject of, not just one but several jailbreak utilities and all three of them go up to an include iOS 9.3.5. This is the very last version of iOS 9 to be released before iOS 10 is released. The jailbreaks we have cover all devices on