Activator for iOS 9 Updated

When talking about the most important jailbreak Cydia tweaks, one of the first tweaks that come to our mind is Ryan Petrich’s Activator. It is hands down a very essential tweak, as many other tweaks rely on Activator to run properly. Now that the iOS 9 jailbreak is out in the public, a lot of tweak developers have been updating their tweaks to support iOS 9, and the Activator tweak has just got updated too.

Image : Activator iOS 9

activator ios 9 download

Ryan’s beta repo has been updated with the new versions of RocketBootstrap and Activator, both compatible with iOS 9 now. Given the fact that Activator is a prerequisite for a lot of other tweaks, this update will ensure smooth functioning of all those dependent tweaks. Let’s browse through the major features of Activator tweak.

Features :

  • The Activator tweak, just as the name suggests, provides gesture activation methods to a lot of other tweaks. For instance, the SBSettings tweak can be opened by swiping across top of the screen, and the tweak requires Activator for this gesture to work.
  • Activator can be used to launch your most-used apps quickly with just a gesture, thus saving a lot of time. activator-beta-ios-9-app-shortcuts
  • For each gesture assigned to a particular app, you can choose where the gesture action will work. You can choose from – At Lock Screen, At Home Screen, In Application, and Anywhere. So if you select the Anywhere option for an app, the app will open up when you perform the specific gesture in any screen of iOS. But if you set it to At Home Screen, the app will be invoked only if you perform the gesture on the Home screen and not any other screen.
  • You can also choose to open an app just by shaking your iOS device, but this option is best set with only the At Home Screen option, as you could accidentally trigger the app while performing other tasks.
  • There is another option in Activator that allows you to open different apps or perform different actions by pressing the Home button different number of times.
  • You can use Activator to set a quick launch gesture for Music, Bluetooth, games, rebooting your iOS device, and any other action that you can think of.
  • A new option called shortcut actions has been added to Activator and it enabled you to set a 3D Touch shortcut to open up any app on your iPhone. For instance, the Take Selfie shorcut action of the stock Camera app is reserved normally for 3D Touch, but the shortcut actions feature in Activator allows you to use that shortcut just by pressing the Home button thrice.

How to Download Activator for iOS 9

  1. Jailbreak your iOS 9 device using the Pangu 9 jailbreak tool.pangu_9_jailbreak_screen
  2. Go to Cydia > Sources > Edit > Add  cyda_ios_9_repo_source0
  3. Type in this repo – and then tap on Add Sourcecyda_ios_9_repo_source4
  4. Now search for Activator 1.9.6 beta 2 and download it [the version may be updated to a higher one since writing this article]. activator_ios_9 (2)

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