AirDrop Not Working on iOS 9 – iOS 10 Fix

Apple has strongly committed itself to the latest iOS firmware, which is for good, as the number of users who are experiencing problems with this iOS update is very large. Well,  the latest iOS firmware is pretty new and is bound to be buggy, but some recently reported errors and bugs are giving a tough time to iOS users. There were rumors a few days ago saying that an iPhone running iOS 9 can be hacked even if Passcode is enabled. Many users reported battery draining issues, network issues, and much more.

Image : AirDrop Not Working after iOS Upgrade

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And today, one more problem has joined the list. Many users have been reporting on Apple Support Communities [ext link] that AirDrop is not working on iOS 9 or iOS 10. So many complaints regarding so many issues is really a bad publicity for Apple and it must take some really effective action to deal with it.

Fix the AirDrop Not Working Issue in iOS 9 – iOS 10:

In case you are facing the same issue and AirDrop is not working with your iOS device, then there are a few solutions for that.

However, before trying out any of the solutions, you need to take care of a few things –

  • Make sure that AirDrop is supported on your iOS device. AirDrop is compatible with iPad 4th gen and later, iPhone 5 and later, iPod 5th gen and later, and iPad mini and later.
  • You must also check whether any app is supporting AirDrop or not. Tap on the Share button to see of an AirDrop option is available or not.
  • Photos, Safari, Contacts, and other such apps support AirDrop.
  • Make sure to check that AirDrop is enabled in both the recipient as well as the sender device.

If you have checked all these things and yet you are facing the problem, then try the following fixes.

Enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi :

AirDrop requires Bluetooth and WiFi to work, so make sure that they are enabled.

Turn on WiFi:

  1. Navigate to Settings and tap on Wi-Fi. ios_9_wifi_networks
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi by toggling the switch.

Turn on Bluetooth:

  1. Go to Settings and tap the Bluetooth option.
  2. Enable Bluetooth by toggling ON the switch. bluetooth

Enable AirDrop

While this might sound obvious, many users do forget to enable AirDrop. So make sure that you have turned it ON.

  1. Swipe up the screen from bottom to turn AirDrop on. airdrop_ios_90 (1)
  2. Go to AirDrop and you will find three options – Everyone, Contacts Only, and Off.
  3. Make your iOS device discoverable by selecting Contacts Only or Everyone.airdrop_ios_92 (1)

In case you want to transfer file between Mac and iOS device, then try to turn off AirDrop and turn it on again.

  1. Navigate to the Finder and click on the AirDrop option from the Sidebar.
  2. Now click on No one option and then choose the Everyone option. airdrop everyone

In case AirDrop still does not work, then try rebooting your iOS device. It is possible many a times that some technical flaws cause the device to work ineffectively. Press and hold the home and power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds to reboot your iOS device. slide_to_power_off

This should resolve the problem of AirDrop not working on iOS device. In case it still does not work, you need to wait for another iOS update for Apple to fix this issue.

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  1. I can RECEIVE airdrops, but I cannot see anyone to Airdrop to. I’ve tried all the resets. My control panel screen shows airdrop but there is no one to send to.

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