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People download Cydia just so that they can download apps that Apple isn’t keen on letting us have, such as good iPhone Screen Recorder. For some reason, Apple doesn’t seem to want to include an iOS screen recorder with the stock iOS and that means we are reliant on what is available in the app store. Modifying our iOS devices has become a way of life to us as, every time Apple releases a new iOS firmware version, it is shortly followed by a jailbreak.

Image : AirShou Download Tutorial


One of the most popular screen recorder apps is AirShou and, up until it disappeared from the scene, it could only be got by downloading Cydia. Now, it is back, in a new format and packed with tons of new features. The developers have given it support for all iOS version from iOS 7 right up to the latest iOS 10 and it will work on the majority of iOS devices. However, it isn’t as simple as downloading it from the app store; you will need to download another app first and these are apps that Apple will not allow into the store. Do not worry though, they are completely safe to use and we are going to show you how to get them on your iOS device without having to jailbreak first

AirShou Features :

  • No jailbreak needed for AirShou to work
  • Very easy to use airshou_screen_recording
  • Simple to delete if no longer needed
  • AirShou does not use up your resources and slow your device down
  • It can be used to record anything that you have on your screen
  • Records at 1080p and 60fps
  • Records in high-quality stereo sound

Supported Devices :

The following devices will run AirShou on iOS

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini

Steps to Download AirShou :

Before you can download and use AirShou [ext link], you must download Cydia and, for this, you need a decent internet connection on your device – use Wi-Fi, not data. You will need to use the Safari browser as this won’t work on any of the others and you can’t have a jailbreak on your device.

  1. Download Cydia using the linked step-by-step tutorial 
  2. Launch Safari browser ios 10 safari
  3. Go to airshou_download_safari0
  4. Tap the UP arrow at the top or bottom of the screen airshou_download_safari0-1
  5. Choose Add to Home Screen from the options airshou_download_safari1
  6. Call your icon AirShou and tap Add airshou_download_safari2
  7. The Airshou app icon will be on one of your home screens airshou-home-large-copy

Video: The video shows you these steps

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