AlwaysNightMode – Enable 24×7 Night Mode on Maps

Do you make good use of your Maps app for navigation ? You might have noticed that the iOS Maps app has a feature built into it, called Night Mode. This feature is automatically enabled and, when the sun goes down, many of the Map app interface elements will turn a darker color, easing the strain on your eyes by not glaring out at you. It also makes it much easier to navigate during night hours.

Image : AlwaysNightMode enable 24×7 Night Mode on Maps App

AlwaysNightMode tweak

Some people like the look of this darker coloring and would love to be able to use it 24×7. Not only is it easier on the eyes, it looks good too. The good news is, if you have applied the latest iOS 9 jailbreak to your iOS device, you can take advantage of a new, Free, tweak called AlwaysNightMode. Installing the tweak will ensure that the iOS Maps app remains in Night Mode all the time, regardless of the time of day or night.

AlwaysNightMode Features

When AlwaysNightMode is installed, you will see :

  • The map background turns a darker color
  • The navigation line on your map will be darker
  • The Navigation and Tabs bars go translucent, reducing the glare
  • When you are in Navigation Mode, those two bars will also turn a darker color AlwaysNightMode-app

There is no configuration needed for AlwaysNightMode. There will be a preferences pane added to your settings app and this contains a handy kill switch that enables you to turn the tweak off if you are struggling to see in Night Mode. If your Maps app is open when you install the tweak, simply close it down and reopen it for the tweak to take effect, no need to respring your device.  Do keep in mind that if, whenever the app is enabled or disabled, you will need to shut the Maps app down and reopen it for the changes to take effect.

Download :

AlwaysNightMode is designed for those who like the darker, more flattering look of Night Mode on the iOS Maps app. If that’s you then head on over to Cydia and download AlwaysNightMode for free from the BigBoss repository.

Do you prefer the darker look to the normal daytime skin of the Maps app ? Tell us what you think of AlwaysNightMode in the comments box below. Keep yourself fully up to date with all the latest development by following us on Facebook and Subscribing to our newsletter. We’ll end the updates straight to your inbox so you never miss another one.

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