Anemone Themes – Download and Setup

While a lot of people might jailbreak their devices to Install Cydia tweaks, the main reason for most of the jailbreak users is Theming. And when it comes to installing themes in jailbroken iOS devices, most users will suggest WinterBoard. However, Anemone is an equally excellent alternative and is loved equally by users as it offers some advantages over Anemone.

Image : Anemone Tweak

anemone theme

Anemone helps you to customize different aspects of iOS like the Icon Look, Icon Shape, Dock, Battery Icon, Wi-Fi icon, Control Center, etc. Actually, Anemone offers more and better aesthetic customization options WinterBoard. So if you are thinking of installing Anemone in your jailbroken iOS device, you must know that WinterBoard and Anemone cannot run simultaneously. So you need to say goodbye to WeatherBoard when installing Anemone.

But do not uninstall WinterBoard manually. You first need to backup all the WinterBoard themes and your device data. Do not uninstall WinterBoard, as it will be automatically removed when you install Anemone on your device. We recommend that you use a file manager to save the folder that contains your WinterBoard themes and setup, so this will help you save your themes that you have purchased from Cydia.

How to Use Anemone on your iOS device :

1. You first need to download and install the Anemone app on your jailbroken iOS device. Just go to Cydia and search for Anemone directly; you don’t need to manually add any repos to download Anemone. However, if you are not able to find Anemone in Cydia, you might be running a much older jailbroken iOS version. Anyway, you can add the repo and then download Anemone. Make sure that you add the letter s after the http(s) in the repo URL, as Cydia’s default repo URL enters it as http. cyda_ios_9_repo_source4

2. Once Anemone has been installed on your device, it will restart automatically. If not, then reboot your iOS device manually and you will find Anemone on the Home screen. Just tap the icon and Anemone will open up. On case you had previously installed themes for WinterBoard in your iOS device, you will have to re-download those themes to work with Anemone. You don’t need to purchase those themes again, as Cydia saves them automatically. Once you re-install those themes, they will start appearing in the Anemone list. Just tap the Enable button in order to see the options in Anemone. Every option has a circle right beside it, which can be tapped to enable that option. After tapping on the Apply button, the preview screen will come up where you will be able to see how the theme will look after installing.

anemone1 (2) (1)

3. If you want to add more themes to Anemone, the process is very easy. Just download the themes from Cydia, but make sure that they are compatible with Anemone. After downloading the themes, open Anemone and the themes will show up in the list. To install the theme, tap on Enable > Options > Apply. If you like the way the theme looks in the preview, just tap the apply button once more and the theme will get applied to the whole iOS UI. This is the same process that you need to follow for all the themes. Open-Anemone

4. Once you apply a theme in Anemone, you will see the changes after you reboot your iOS device. anemone_themes (1)

Anemone should have been compatible with WinterBoard, as it would give users the option to use both the theming apps. Nonetheless, Anemone gets a better UI and also uses less resources than WinterBoard, which is why it’s a great alternative for all the new as well as old jailbreak users for customizing iOS.

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