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Because Cydia is out of use for so many members of the jailbreak community, several app installers have been released to try to help us out. Each of these installers, like Emus4U, vShare, AppValley [ext link], and TweakBox, gives us a few of the Cydia apps back, they give us back our paid app store content for free and they let us install modified apps, like Pokémon Go++, Snapchat++ and Instagram++. There is a problem with these apps though and, in a minute, we’ll talk about it.

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The same problem affects anything that you need to install using Cydia Impactor and that includes the likes of Yalu Jailbreak. Yalu allows some people to jailbreak but doesn’t work on all devices. The problem with the jailbreaks, and the apps through the app installers is that they will crash within 7 days of you using them. This is because you need to use your Apple ID to install them and the app certificates fail, leaving you with an app or a jailbreak that needs to be reinstalled. Reinstall it and, 7 days later, it will crash again but there is a way around it and that’s by installing Anti Revoke.

What is Anti Revoke ?

The reason the apps crash is because Apple revokes the certificates and they do this because they don’t see them as valid. You see, they don’t sign the certificates for independent third-party apps, which is what all of these are and that will result in them pulling the certificates for these apps. Anti Revoke [ext link] installs a VPN onto your iOS device and this will shroud the app certificate, stopping Apple form being able to verify and revoke them.

When you install Anti Revoke onto your device, it will immediately begin protecting your apps but only those apps that are already installed on the device at the time of installation. If you install any more apps, simple delete Anti Revoke and then reinstall it again to continue your protection. And don’t worry, Anti Revoke does not have any effect on the performance of your device.

How to Download Anti Revoke :

To download Anti Revoke onto your iPhone or iPad, just click the link below for a full step by step guide:

Do note that, if you use TutuApp to download your apps, you will need to use another tool called NessTool. This does the same as Anti Revoke but only for TutuApp downloads.

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