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We all like to keep our iOS apps updated, don’t we ? This way, they are more stable and speedier and offer newer features with every update. However, not every app update is as smooth, and there are times when you regret updating an app to a newer version. Some gone-wrong updates can actually make the app behave badly and cause it to crash or make the hardware slow. Such instances make you wish you hadn’t installed the update. But do not worry, as there’s an easy way to downgrade iOS apps to their previous versions.

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How to Downgrade App Store Apps :

There have been many downgrade methods in the past, but we have got a new one for you this time. This new method is easier than the older ones and does not require a computer. You can directly perform the downgrade on your iPhone. However, in order to downgrade App Store apps, you first need to jailbreak your device, because this jailbreak method works hand-in-hand with a jailbreak tweak that is currently in beta version. But as we said, this downgrade method is easier than the older method, so jailbreaking can give you a big advantage.

The tweak is called App Admin (previously App Control) and is currently in development by UnlimApps. However, the beta version is available for download from this link – Make sure you go to this link on your jailbroken iPhone. If you’re not yet jailbroken, follow our iOS 9 jailbreak tutorial.

  1. Launch Cydia from the home screen.
  2. Tap on Sources tab followed by Edit on top-right of the screen. cyda_ios_9_repo_source2cyda_ios_9_repo_source0
  3. Now tap on Add and enter this addres :
  4. After adding the repo, search for App Control or AppAdmin , download and install it. This will require a respring.
  5. Now head to App Store and select the application you wish to downgrade from Updates tab.

Downgrade iOS Apps with App Admin :

After you have installed App Admin on your iPhone, the tweak will prompt you to downgrade all your favourite apps to the previous versions when you are downloading from the App Store. The tweak is very smart and it keeps a list of all the previous versions of the apps. This data is then used to give users a list of all the previous app versions they can downgrade

With the App Admin tweak, you can also provide the version number of the particular app you want to downgrade. The version number can be found in the iTunesMetadata.plist of the app by going to /private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/. That’s it. It’s very easy and quick to downgrade iOS apps with App Admin.

Download :

Developer UnlimApps has said that more features like auto-update blocking will be added in the final release of App Admin. Another feature will be added that will allow developers to point to particular versions of apps that are required by tweaks. App Admin will surely be a great tweak for the whole jailbreak community. And the best part is that the tweak will be free of cost. Thumbs up, Unlim Apps!

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