AppDrawer – Android App Drawer for iPhone

The confusion, or might we say, war between Android and iOS users seems to be a never-ending one, and the separation will always be there. Apple has continuously been trying to lure Android users towards the Apple ecosystem, yet there are a lot of features in Android which do not let the Android users move away from the OS.

Image : AppDrawer Tweak

appdrawer tweak

Then there are some fence sitters those who use both iOS and Android regularly one by one just because they cannot let go of the awesome Android app launchers. Well, if you are one of those people who have been shuttling between iOS and Android just because of the Android app drawer, a new jailbreak tweak for iOS enables you to install an Android-like app drawer in your iOS 9 device.

The new tweak is called AppDrawer and brings the useful Android feature to the iOS platform. So let’s dive into the features of this useful little tweak and see whether its worth installing.

Features :

  • The tweak, when installed, comes as a separate little app and contains the complete list of all the first and third-party apps installed on your iOS device. It gives you a centralized location to all your apps so that you can access your apps easily in alphabetical order. appdrawer-4
  • What’s more awesome is that the maker of AppDrawer has very well ported the Android function to iOS without losing the visual feel of the iOS environment.
  • The AppDrawer tweak can be accessed from its app icon on the Home screen. When launched, the tweak opens up a whole list of apps that are installed on your device. The apps are displayed in an alphabetical list and allows the users to browse through all the apps and launch them normally.
  • The tweak comes with additional settings, one of which enables you to create a Favorites list of all the apps that  allow you to launch your favorite apps quickly from a dedicated tab in the AppDrawer. You can also remove any apps from the AppDrawer which you don’t wish to see in the list at all.

Download :

As of now, the AppDrawer tweak is compatible with all the iPhones that run iOS 8.0 or above. Some rumors say that a future version of this tweak will be compatible with the iPad range too, but we don’t know when that is going to happen. You can download the AppDrawer tweak for your iPhone from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for just $1.99. Free download also possible .

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