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Apple is known to be a perfect epitome of perfection and innovation. The tech giant has given us premium, top-notch quality iPhone and iPad and also provided us with butter-smooth Mac. It has carved out a niche of itself and the fan base created by the company is humongous. Even the non-Apple users envy the Apple products, which tells us about the company’s prowess in the technology field.

Image : Apple Car Concept 2020

apple car icar 2017

So if you are also an Apple fan, then there is an exciting news fresh from the Apple den which will make all the Apple fans go awestruck over the company. It has almost been confirmed that Apple is currently making a car. An Apple Car ! The news has not come directly from Apple but a reputable publication has posted this news, so there must be authenticity about the news.

Project Titan :

Some information had been received previously about the Apple Car and it was being called as Project Titan. However, there was no information about the progress made by Apple or the time that Apple will take to present the product. A lot of rumors were suggesting that Apple has progressed a lot with the automotive project and some people even made predictions that the Apple Car will be launched around the year 2020. However, the latest news is suggesting that the iCar, or whatever may will call it, will see a release very soon.

apple car

A report was posted today by Guardian in which it was mentioned that:

Project Titan is further along than many suspected and company is scouting for test locations”.

Guardian does not go with rumors and has reportedly seen the documents that prove this fact further. As per the report, Apple will soon test the car, which is self-driven, in the north of Silicon Valley inside a private facility. It is a former naval base spanning 2,100 acre and is called the GoMentum Station [link].

The complex has a very high security and military patrolling is strict there. No one can access the facility without proper permission of the higher authorities. Many other automotive companies like Mercedes-Benz and Honda have also used the complex before for trying self-driving cars. Seems like Apple has found a perfect place for testing its car.

Video : A Honda Accura being tested in the same facility for self drive testing

The Guardian newspaper has obtained some documents which say that Apple is testing its product at the GoMentum station. However, GoMentum has signed an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with Apple and hence did not mention whether Apple is going to perform the tests at their facility or not. However, GoMentum did mention that Apple is interested in the complex.

It indeed looks like Apple has started testing their self-driving car. If previous reports are to be believed, more than 100 Apple employees are working on the car project and more automotive experts are being hired.

So the signs are very clear that the Apple Car is under making by the tech giant and it is surely the next big step in technology. All we have to do is wait and hope that the iCar comes soon to the roads.

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  1. I’m really exited what the next NASA working project will be? Production of self using toilet paper maybe! Where the world has gone!

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