Apple ID Locked iOS 10 Fix

Installing iOS 10 beta software onto your iOS device may seem like a good idea at the time but, unless you have a spare device that you use solely for testing purposes, be prepared for some trouble. Beta software are generally full of bugs and is never very stable, hence the reason it is a testing phase software and installing it on your main everyday device is not advisable. iOS 10 beta 2 has just been seeded to developers and, while most have had no trouble at all, some have already come up against an error.

Image : Apple ID Locked on iOS 10 Error Fix

apple id locked ios 10

The reports coming in say that some people are being locked out of their Apple ID, which means they cannot gain access to any of the Apple services. Apple say that, although they don’t know for sure, the most likely culprit is two-step authentication. It could be that a bug is affecting either iOS 10 beta or the authentication service and interfering with two-step, although not everyone who has the feature enabled has been faced with the error. Apple say that, at this stage, there is not a great deal they can do but they have come up with a few suggestions to get round it.

Image : Apple ID has been Locked

apple id has been locked

First, if you are confronted by an Apple ID Locked error message you should go to [ext link]. and either log in with your password or reset it to a new one. You also have the option of disabling two-step authentications, and we will tell you how to do that shortly.  If you don’t want to disable the feature you will need a trusted device or a trusted phone number to get your ID unlocked again.

Image : Cannot Reset Password

apple_id_locked_iphone_ios_10 cannot reset password

How to Fix Apple ID Locked Problem :

If you opt to disable two-factor Authentication, follow these steps:

  1. Go to [ext link]
  2. Click on Manage Your Apple ID
  3. Sign in with your ID and password
  4. Click on Password and Security
  5. Click on Turn off Two-Step Verification and disable it
  6. Choose new security questions
  7. Verify your birth date
  8. Provide an alternative email address just in case – this is optional but is a recommended course of action
  9. Click on Save

You will receive email confirmation that two-factor authentication has been disabled. Make sure you memorize the new questions and answers because you may need to answer them to verify your identity.

iOS 10 download has been in beta testing for less than one month and we have several weeks of testing ahead of us before public release. With any luck, Apple will be able to sort this issue so that we are not faced with it when the full version of iOS 10 goes live.

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