Meet Liam – Apple’s Recycling Robot

Apple is known for producing great devices, but what many people don’t know is that the company also believes in being environmentally friendly. It is one of those very few Silicon Valley giants who believe that with great powers comes great responsibility. One of the examples of Apple’s environmental friendliness is the Liam, the company’s iPhone Disassembly Robot that pulls apart old iPhones so that the parts can be recycled to reduce waste.

Image : Meet Liam – Apple’s Recycling Robot

liam apple recycling robot

Apple introduced the Liam at the event held on Monday, where the new iPad Pro and iPhone SE were launched. Apple also showcased a video displaying Liam in action, and the whole process involving the robot looks really cool. What’s more cool about Liam is that Apple has been developing it for almost three years, and the iPhone recycling plan is awesome in itself.

The video [shown below] released by Apple explains the whole process. After Liam disassembles an iPhone, the various parts of the device are recycled to be used further. Just so you know, one iPhone gets disassembled by Liam in 11 seconds, and the metal parts removed from the iPhone’s include those made from copper, aluminum, cobalt, tungsten, tin, silver, and gold.

Technical Specs :

Liam itself is made from 29 robotic modules and has been placed at a single site near the company’s Cupertino headquarters. As of now, the robot disassembles only the iPhone 6 units sold in the U.S., but Apple is installing a second unit in Europe and it should be up and running soon.

liam robot

Liam will be able to disassemble a few million iPhones each year if its work is uninterrupted. Even though that number might look like a very tiny part of the 231 million iPhones Apple sold in the year 2015, it is a very promising start indeed, at least at this moment where gadget recycling is very much needed. China and the U.S. alone account for one-third of electronic waste in the world, and less than a sixth of the global e-waste gets reused or recycled properly.

Video : Liam in Action

Apple is heavily criticized for not making its devices upgradeable to provide them a longer life, the company has nevertheless taken and has been taking great steps to minimize the impact of its production on the environment. The company is making efforts to make its devices more green so that the amount of e-waste that is produced every year can be controlled.

A lot of Apple’s facilities in the world get powered by solar energy solely. And even though its products are not easily upgradeable, they are very much recyclable and free from hazardous materials like lead, mercury, arsenic, beryllium, etc.

To know more about Apple’s efforts in saving the nature, you can check out the Apple’s Environmental Responsibility page [ext link]. Give a LIKE to this post if you support Recycling and Conservation of the Environment. Leave your comments below .



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