AppSwiSize – iOS 8 AppSwitcher back in iOS 9

In case you are an ardent iOS 8 fan, you will know that some of the iOS components were better in iOS 8 than iOS 9. With iOS 9 came a lot of changes, one of them being the AppSwitcher. The renovated App Switcher now has the app icons on top of the screen rather than on the bottom. The preview cards have been given a Cover Flow effect and are placed on top of each other.

Image : AppSwisize iOS 8 App Switcher for iOS 9

appswisize app

However, many users still prefer the old feel and appearance of the App Switcher in iOS 8. And if you are one of those users, you should consider using a new jailbreak tweak named AppSwiSize. Yes, this tweaks brings back the iOS 8 App Switcher. So let’s browse through the main features of this tweak and then decide whether or not this tweak deserves a place in your jailbroken iOS device.

Features :

  • The AppSwiSize tweak replaces the iOS 9 App Switcher with the iOS 8’s App Switcher.
  • The tweak comes with some customization options too. You can disable the app launch screens and can also resize the app preview cards. appswisize2
  • After you have installed the AppSwiSize tweak, the preferences pane for the tweak can be found in the stock Settings app. Here, you can enable or disable the tweak with the kill switch toggle and can also customize the tweak. Though a reboot is needed to apply the changes.

However, you should know that the AppSwiSize is not perfect and comes with some drawbacks of its own. First of all, you don’t get the recent contacts in the App Switcher, while the original iOS 8 App Switcher does display recent contacts. [Image below]iOS-8-recent-contacts appswitcher

Also, the tweak is not very stable; for instance, when you choose a preview card in order to open the particular app, the device crashes sometimes and enters the safe mode. But looking at the fact that the tweak is still in its early stage and will become stable over the time after the developer sends out a few updates for the tweak.

Download :

So all in all, the AppSwiSize tweak is perfect for those who are on iOS 9 and miss the App Switcher of iOS 8. The AppSwiSize can be downloaded from the BiggBoss repo in Cydia. It is a free package, so it does not cost anything to try the tweak. The tweak works on all iOS 9 devices. Do let us know what you experienced with this tweak.

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