iOS 9 like AppSwitcher for iOS 8 Devices

One of the best things about iOS 9 is the new look of the App Switcher, and many iOS users who cannot or do not want to upgrade to iOS 9 will surely want to have this new iOS 9 app switcher in their devices. Well, there are a couple of tweaks that can bring in the iOS 9 “like” app switcher to older iOS devices and even bring some new features never seen before.

1. Alympus

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Thanks to Cydia developer iKyle and designer Surenix, the Alympus tweak not only brings a new app switcher to your iOS device, but it also adds a lot more functions for apps, toggles, music, etc. Let’s see what the tweak has in store for its users.

Features :

1. App Switcher :

The tweak enhances the app switcher totally and the changed looks can be noticed instantly. The new app switcher can be invoked by double-pressing the Home button or swiping up from the bottom of the screen.alympus2

You can zoom in or zoom out using pinch gestures to change the app switcher’s layout.alympus1

2. Toggles Screen :


After installing Alympus, you will notice that the Control Center gets divided into two different screens – one is the Toggles screen and other is the Music controls screen. App shortcuts and common toggles like Bluetooth, Calculator, Wi-Fi, AirPlane mode, Torch, brightness slider, etc. can be accessed quickly from the Toggles screen. You can bring up the Toggles screen by going to the app switcher and swiping right. Though you cannot customize the Toggles screen like the CCSettings, but you can rearrange the toggles by tapping and holding them. alympus8

3. Music Controls :


You can invoke the Music Player and playback controls by swiping left on the app switcher. You can also launch the Music app by tapping the album art twice. You can also change the theme of the Music Player to dark or light by tapping three times on the album art.

4. Gesture Controls :


The Alympus tweak also includes a feature named continuous swipe. Using this feature, you can continuously swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the right or the left to bring up the respective screens instantly. This makes it more convenient to switch between the music player and the toggles screen. The Gesture mode can also be used to access the app switcher. You can also go the Control Center or close the current app using the gesture mode.

Download Alympus :

Alympus has a really awesome app switcher, but its Toggles screen and Music Player do not offer any more functionality than the Control Center. The makers of this tweak could have done better by adding customization options for the toggles as well as app shortcuts in Quick Launch.

Still the tweak is great and if you want to try it out, you can get it from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for just $3.99. 3rd party Cydia repo’s offer tweaks for free.

2. 3DSwitcher


The 3DSwitcher tweak adds 3D effects to improve the aesthetics of the iOS 9 app switcher. The animations roll in when the user scrolls between the pages of the app switcher by double-pressing on the Home button.

Features :

  • The main function of the 3DSwitcher tweak is to add 3D animations to the App Switcher.
  • You can choose between six different effects and can apply it easily.
  • You can customize the tweak by going to its preference pane in the stock Settings app.
  • The preference pane allows you to choose the animation style, apply fade effect to the app icons in the app switcher while they are out of focus, apply rolling effect to the icons, etc.
  • You also get a scale option for reducing the size of the app icons when you swipe the screen to move the icons away from the centre.
  • You can apply the effects in real time without having to reboot again and again.

Video : 3DSswitcher

Download 3DSwitcher :

iOS 7 and iOS 8 can run the 3DSwitcher tweak and is available on Cydia for just $0.99. It can be a really great tweak for you if you love animations in your iOS device. 3rd party Cydia repo’s offer tweaks for free.

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