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AppSync is an extremely popular iOS jailbreak tweak which enables the users to install unsigned or cracked apps on their jailbroken iOS devices. Basically, the tweak allows you to install paid apps without paying any money, and this way you can try that app before you decide to buy it or not. Even though this can lead to piracy, the developer of AppSync claims that this tweak helps iOS developers to test apps and debug them without having to spend loads of money on every paid app they want to try.

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In case you have used AppAddict, Installous, vShare, or any such iAP cracker, then you have already used AppSync and you know what it is. In simple words, AppSync will help you install unsigned apps, tweaks, games, themes, etc. in your jailbroken iOS device. In case you want to download and install cracked iPA files with iFile, then you certainly need AppSync. This tweak also helps you to download and install those apps which are not available on the App Store any more. AppSync is a must have, as it helps you run most of the apps after jailbreaking.

How to Install AppSync on iOS 10

To install AppSync on your iOS device, you first need to jailbreak your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone. In case your device is not already jailbroken, you can use the Pangu Jailbreak tool [ link below ] to do so. In case you encounter any errors while jailbreaking, you can check this guide [ext link] for troubleshooting the jailbreak errors. Also, most of the tweak developers are updating their Cydia tweaks for iOS 10, so it is a good idea to jailbreak iOS 9 now and install AppSync on it for a smooth jailbreak experience.

Install AppSync on iOS 10 :

  1. First of all, jailbreak your iOS device using the Pangu Jailbreak [ ext link – tutorial ] iOS 10 jailbreak tool.
  2. Once your device is jailbroken, launch Cydia. cydia ios 9 source add
  3. Inside Cydia, browse to Sources > EditAddcyda_ios_9_repo_source2 cyda_ios_9_repo_source0
  4. You now need to add the URL of Karen’s repo there: You need to do this because this repo is not listed in Cydia repos by default. cydia_angelxwind
  5. Once you add the URL, a warning popup will come up. Just tap on the Add anyway button.
  6. Now that the repo has been added, search for the AppSync Unified package or the latest version and install it.
  7. Finally, AppSync will be installed on your iOS device.

Disclaimer : Piracy is strongly condemned on this blog, and this article | tutorial is meant for educational purposes only.

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