Ever since jailbreaking began, Apple has vowed to stamp it out, pitting their wits against some of the most experienced developers in a long-standing game of cat and mouse. For a long time, the jailbreak developers were ahead but, with iOS 10, the balance appears to have shifted, with few users now being able to install Cydia on their iOS devices. The lack of jailbreak utilities has resulted in several app installers being released, each of which provides some access to the content we have gotten used to having. The latest one is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and it is called AppToko.

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AppToko provides us with free access to a whole heap of content, including the best paid apps, games, ringtones, eBooks, themes and much more from the app stores. Android users are not left out either, as AppToko supports most Android devices and OS versions. To find out what you can get form AppToko [ext link], read on:

AppToko Features :

  1. Works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices
  2. Supports iOS and Android 
  3. Fast downloads
  4. User Friendly app
  5. Download from Google Play and iOS app store content
  6. Get access to content that is exclusive to AppToko 
  7. Get the best choice of paid games, apps, eBooks, ringtones, themes and a whole heap more
  8. Multiple app downloads supported
  9. Download languages supported are Indonesian and English

How to Download AppToko :

AppToko is one of the easiest app installers to download and use. Both Android and iOS users will find it simple to navigate, especially with the English language now supported. The linked articles below will take you to all the information you need and the download links for iOS and Android and, should you need it, we also have instructions on deleting AppToko:

If you are downloading AppToko in the hopes of getting a replica of Cydia, you won’t get it. AppToko will give you access to some great features, including that all-important free access to all your favorite paid content. Not just for iOS, Android users can now get a taste of what iOS users have been enjoying for years simply because AppToko will work without a jailbreak.

Do tell us what you think of AppToko and what you are going to use it for. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and jailbreak updates.

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