Auxo – Legacy Edition for iOS 9

Popular tweak developer Ryan Petrich who is known mainly for his legendary Activator tweak apart Display Recorder and other tweaks seems to be on an update spree this season. The developer has provided a major update recently for Activator and has also pushed out an important upgrade for Display Recorder. Well, the good news for all those Ryan Petrich fans, especially those who use the Auxo | Auxo Legacy Edition tweak, is that the tweak has been updated and now supports iOS 9.

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In case you are unaware, the Auxo Legacy Edition jailbreak tweak was created by Sentry and Ryan Petrich together. The Legacy Edition was made out of the original version of Auxo that created a legend by bringing an all new multitasking interface to jailbroken iOS devices. The tweak is already extremely popular and this new update will surely bring a smile to the face of all Auxo fans.

Talking about the new update, we don’t expect any new features. The only major change is that Auxo LE will now work with jailbroken iOS 9 devices and should be very stable on the latest firmware. For those who are new to jailbreaking or haven’t used Auxo ever, let’s do a quick recap of its features.

Features :

  • Auxo Legendary Edition (Auxo LE) was created on the image of the original Auxo tweak that came out two years ago. The reason for the success of the Legendary Edition is that it looks more cool than the Auxo sequels.
  • The Auxo LE tweak  brings the card preview interface to iOS along with new features and a modern look. auxo_legacy2
  • The tweak simply works by swiping up on the screen from the bottom to invoke the Control Center. The tweak is basically a modified Control Center with the option to preview apps and switch between them easily.
  • You can take a quick look at the running apps with just a simple swipe up gesture. You can easily launch the apps by performing a quick swipe.
  • Switching between apps is done with just a tap on the card preview. And if you need to close an app, just swiping down does the job. auxo_legacy0
  • You also get to close all the apps at once by tapping and holding, and you can also choose a whitelist to filter the apps that will or will not work with the close-all gesture.
  • The Auxo LE tweak is smoother than the Auxo sequels while still incorporating their features.

The Auxo LE tweak can be bought for $1.99 from Cydia. And if you already have bought Auxo 2 or Auxo 3, then the Auxo Legendary Edition is available to you for a small upgrade fee of $0.99. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources .

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  1. What a joke! I’ve had and paid for Auxo from the beginning. First the functionality was split so you then had to pay for two apps (Auxo & Polus), now we wait for months after the jailbreak of iOS 9 to pay again to go backwards and they think they can cover that with some marketing BS term like ‘Legacy Edition’. It’s not the amount, it’s the principle.

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