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One of the great things about recent innovation in regard to iOS is the invent of 3D Touch. It is an efficient and useful option that Apple knocked out of the park. But as most features Apple offers, utility takes the front seat to design and unfortunately, aesthetic is left by the side of the road. Enter Brevis , a great new jailbreak tweak that allows you to fully customize the popup 3D touch menu that comes up when holding down on an app.

Image : Brevis can Customize iOS 3D Touch Menu

brevis tweaks

The variety of changes you can make to how the menu looks is endless. Not only can you change the shape, size and color of the menu itself, but you can change the font, text size and color of the text within the menus. You can also change the effects that are associated with how the menu appears on the screen.

Features :

  • Builds a preferences pane in your iPhone settings menu brevis1
  • You can opt to show only menu icons in the pop up (not text)
  • You can change the size of the iconsbrevis2
  • You can change the size of the text and the font of the text that accompanies the icons
  • You can set the smoothness of the pop up animation
  • You can set which options come up in the menu

Download :


I really like this app because it is a good mix of utility and design. Some of the features in the 3D pop up menu are not needed and only serve to clutter the menu. This is a great option to use only what you need or want and also change the look and size of the menu. Most of all, I don’t feel like text in the pop up menu is a real necessity so being able to see only an icon based menu is great way to streamline the setup and institute a less is more vibe to your phone.

One thing I will say is that if there were to be future developments to the app, there should be an option to adjust the transparency of the pop up window. I always like to have some adjustment capability of the gradience so the window background does not have to look like a solid block of color. The tweak is available in the Big Boss repo through Cydia and runs for $1.00. If you are looking for a quick, efficient way to stylize your device, Brevis is it. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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  1. Please remove the pirate methods. I am the developer and pirating my work ruins my motivation to create tweaks like this.

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