Tutorial to Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen

iOS 9 betas are being tested rigorously by developers and advanced users. Some of them are just exploring the OS to discover new features, while many are on a quest to find the vulnerabilities in it. Apple is working hard to fix all the security issues and bugs in iOS 9. As of now, the public beta of iOS 9 is available for all to try.

Image : iOS 9 LockScreen ByPass

ios 9 passcode bypass

Many guides have been released for the previous versions of iOS  to bypass the Lockscreen or iCloud Activation. Till the iOS 8, Apple was using the 4-digit passcode which was very easy to crack. However, the security has been increased to 6-digits in iOS 9 which is nearly impossible to crack. However, nothing is impossible in the world of vulnerabilities and a security exploit has already been made to bypass the Lock Screen of the iOS 9 beta to access the pictures and contacts.

Thanks to the major security flaw in iOS 9, it is very easy to bypass the Lock Screen in iOS 9. This flaw may get fixed by Apple before the public release of iOS 9 this fall, you can still test this exploit for fun or development purposes. This guide must be followed at your own risk, as breaking into the devices of other people is unethical and can land you into serious problems. So we advice you to use this guide only for testing purposes.

Requirements for Bypassing iOS 9 Lock Screen

  1. Your iPhone must be running an iOS 9 beta.
  2. Passcode must be enabled on your device.
  3. Disable the Rotation Lock before proceeding.

How to Bypass iOS 9 Lock Screen

  1. Bring up the Control Center by swiping up the screen from the bottom and tap on the Clock option.
  2. Next, tap the + symbol in order to set a new alarm.
  3. Now click the Label option.
  4. Select the Alarm text and rotate the device. From the options there, click Arrow.
  5. Now click Share and select messages.
  6. In case you face the Lock Screen, you will have to repeat the first four steps again followed by rotating your device, finally followed by the 5th step.
  7. Next, type in anything you like and then tap on it.
  8. Two options will appear, namely Add to Existing Contact and Create New Contact.
  9. You can select Create New Contact to get the pictures.
    • Now select the Add Photo option.
    • Now tap the Choose Photo button.
    • Now you can browse the Photos on the locked iOS 9 device.
  10. Also, you can tap the Add to Existing Contact button to view all the contacts on that device to get the required contact info.

Video : Here is a video showing the same

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  1. I updated my Ipad OS using IOS9 yesterday. Today I try to use IPad and the screen is locked. I don’t know what the passcode since I didn’t set the lock screen in the first place anyhow. Any advice?

    cheers, Yusuf

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