Bytafont 3 Tweak Released for iOS 9

Why do people jailbreak? To install jailbreak tweaks, yes. But more specifically to customize the look of iOS to something fresh and different from the stock appearance. Different tweaks help you customize different components of iOS, but when it comes to using custom fonts, look no further than BytaFont.

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bytafont 3 ios 9

BytaFont is an extremely popular jailbreak app for those who like to use custom fonts on their jailbroken iPhones. If you are someone who is bored of looking at the same old font in iOS, this tweak can help you switch to different fonts for specific apps or for the whole iOS interface. What’ more exciting is that BytaFont has now been updated to support iOS 9 and brings some additions with it, like new weights and swap mode.

Following is the complete changelog for BytaFont 3 :

  • Support added for Swap Mode in iOS 9
  • Tweak Mode now gets new weights: Black, Heavy, and Semibold
  • BytaFont does not support Cydget anymore. You can customize the Lock screen by using the Tweak Mode.

In case you are confused, Tweak Mode is actually a separate Cydia tweak that enables you to skin the font of your iOS device without tampering with the system files. Tweak Mode, like BytaFont, is free to download.

BytaFont 3 Features :

bytafont- fonts

  • After installing BytaFont 3 in your jailbroken iOS 9 device, you will see the app icon right on your Home screen. You can start using the Tweak Mode or Swap Mode right away for customizing the fonts on your iPhone.
  • You can find a whole lot of fonts in Cydia that work very well with BytaFont. Actually, Cydia has got a separate category for font, in which you can browse through different fonts by searching the All Sources tab under Sources.
  • The Swap Mode in BytaFont 3 currently supports ten new fonts in iOS 9, but that number will surely grow eventually. New fonts will be introduced sooner than later, so at least you’ve got something to start with.

Download :

If you like to play around with the way iOS looks, BytaFont is a must-have tweak for your jailbroken iOS device. Also, the tweak is often a requirement for other tweaks in Cydia, which is another reason why you must get BytaFont right now. You can get BytaFont 3 from Cydia for free. It is a 1.6 MB download, one which you will surely not regret.

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