Callisto – Set Your Current Time as iPhone Passcode

With all of the complex algorithms that go into device security, sometimes simplicity takes the cake. Enter Callisto, Cydia’s new jailbreak tweak that allows users to use the current time as their iPhone’s passcode. So How Does It Work ? There are a couple of options to get started with the security app that serves as a replacement for similar, older set ups like TimePasscode, a worthy predecessor, similar in scope.

Image : Callisto – Set Your Current Time as Passcode on iPhone

Callisto tweak cydia

You can opt to use either a four digit or a six-digit passcode .

Four Digit: If the time is 12:30 for example.

Passcode: 1230

Six Digit Passcode: To use the six-digit option ad two zeros after the four-digit code.

Passcode: 123000

Features :

Here are some basic features of Callisto .

  • The option to set a reverse passcode [ your code typed in backwards] Callisto-preferences_2
  • The option to switch intermittently from using your original passcode or the current time
  • Choosing an automatic time that your phone switches to being accessed by entering your original pass code or the current time of day
  • Switching between the four-digit time or six-digit code [ adding two zeros] Callisto-preferences_1
  • The ability to use two digits of your choice in lieu of two zeros
  • Magic Digits: makes the last two digits the sum of the current minute and hour

 Download :

When imagining the potential financial repercussions involved in having your device hacked, that price point is a pill easily swallowed. Security is at the forefront of things we consider to be of the utmost importance in the digital world. Unfortunately, hackers are also at the forefront of new technology and always on the cusp of new innovative ways to discover your personal information. It is recommended by most viable sources that we constantly change our passcodes to our phones, banks, emails and social media sites. Unfortunately, who has the time to constantly be resetting password information on their device ? Callisto is a great way to literally change your phone’s password every minute. I cannot think of a more efficient way to stay proactive in your quest for security. If you can imagine the time spent and hassle of setting your passcode to a new number every hour, let alone every minute, you can agree that from a productivity standpoint alone, Callisto is worth the investment. Not to mention, I cannot remember how many times I have reset my passcode, only to forget what I set it to minutes later. Callisto is a great way to always know your code while others do not. Callisto costs $1.49 in the Cydia BigBoss Repo. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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