ClassicSwitcher 3 Brings iOS 6 App Switcher to iOS 9

You may have heard a lot of iOS users complaining how the iOS 8 or iOS 6 App Switcher was much better than the one in iOS 9. Many users really don’t like the new look and feel of the App Switcher in iOS 9 and want to go back to the old version. Well, a downgrade of the iOS version is not possible, but if your iOS device is jailbroken, then you really can bring back the iOS 6 App Switcher.

Image : ClassicSwitcher Tweak

classic switcher 3

The ClassicSwitcher 3 is a popular Cydia tweak that brings back the iOS 6 App Switcher to your iOS device running the latest iOS version. Until recently, ClassicSwitcher 3 was available only for iOS 8 devices, but the developer of the tweak has updated it to provide full support for iOS 9 as well. So let us go through the features of this tweak and see if it is worth installing.

Features :

  • ClassicSwitcher 3 for iOS 9 replaces the iOS 9 App Switcher with the old iOS 6 App Switcher that many people prefer the most. So you get the iOS 6 style app icons only in the App Switcher instead of the preview cards style of the iOS 9 App Switcher.
  • The tweak is supported on iPad and iPhone, and sadly not on the iPod Touch.
  • You get multiple rows, opening animations, and overlay styles.classicswitcher3-3
  • The tweak also gives you a built-in functionality to quit all the apps at once.
  • Landscape mode is supported by the tweak, and you just need to perform a swipe to close the apps.
  • You can also choose the number of icons to be displayed per row. classicswitcher3-2
  • The ClassicAppSwitcher 3 comes with media controls too, so you can easily switch between your music and play | pause it.
  • The tweak offers modern and classic modes and the option to choose between checked or linen pattern.
  • As a little surprise, the tweak offers the same iOS 6 App Switcher animation too.
A lot of people do not really like the new App Switcher that displays running apps as preview cards. The ClassicSwitcher 3 tweak is made for such people and provides a quick overview of most of the running apps on just a single page. You also get extended functionality, so you can do much more like view more icons per row, close all the apps at once, etc.

Download :

In case you have been using iOS 9 and were eagerly waiting for this tweak to bring support for the latest iOS version, now is the time to download this tweak from Cydia.

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