Cleo – Lets you Custom Style Control Center

When we get a new jailbreak, the tweak developers come out in force and produce some amazing new tweaks for us to play with. While some bring us new features and added functionality, others, like the latest tweak, focus on aesthetics. Cleo, compatible with the PPHelper iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak, is designed to tweak the look and feel of the stock iOS Control Center.

Image : Cleo Lets you Custom Style Control Center

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Features of Cleo :

One thing that Apple doesn’t seem to pay much attention to is the options for configuring things like Control Center. While they bring us some great new features, sometimes, all we want to do is have a different color or a few more configuration options. When you download Cleo, you get:

  • A look and feel to the Control Center that is far more embedded cleo3
  • No more transparent and blurred sheet when you drag up the screen; instead, when you swipe up, the Control Center will actually hide part of the iOS screen you are on
  • You get two Control Center pages with Cleo, one that has all your usual controls and shortcuts on it, with the screen brightness slider, and one that contains all your Music controls and the volume control slider cleo2
  • All your Control Center toggles and shortcuts will look exactly the same but the developer has added in a few functions that come from Cream, another of his tweaks.

How to Configure Cleo :

When you download Cleo, you don’t need to go looking for a Preferences pane in the Settings app. Rather than thinking that you can’t configure Cleo, what the developer has done is embed the features of the tweak directly into the preferences for the stock iOS Control Center. So, to find them, open up Settings and then click on the preferences for Control Center where you will find a number of configuration options, including:

  • A toggle switch for enabling or disabling Cleo
  • The option to enable or disable Apple Watch-like color toggles
  • Disable the button for Heart Music
  • Disable the button for sharing Music
  • Choosing the page for Control Center to default to when you open it
  • Have the Control Center default to the Music page on Cleo when you are playing media files cleo4
  • Pick custom colors when you use the add-ons called FlipControlCenter and Polus

Download :

Instead of having to respring your iOS device for your changes to take effect, simply close down the Settings app and then open the Control Center and see your new look. If you want to try Cleo on your iOS device, simply use PPHelper to jailbreak and the download Cleo for free from the BigBoss repository on Cydia.

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