Clex 3 – Better Manage your iPhone Music

Are you an avid music listener ? Is the Music app too old and boring for you now ? If yes, then the Clex3 is the perfect jailbreak tweak for you. It not only allows you to control your music more easily on your iPhone, but it looks great with the iOS 9 interface and feels completely at home. So without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the endless features of this amazing jailbreak app.

Image : Clex 3

clex 3 tweak

Features :

  • Clex3 comes with two controllers that enable you to control music playback, get lyrics for the current song, and play other songs by the same artist.
  • The first controller can be brought up on the screen by swiping right on the screen, and the second one can be invoked by swiping left. Both the controllers have different functions, so you need to familiarize yourself with their features. The first controller manages the music you are listening, while the second controller is called the Clexboard and features multiple plugins.clex3-1
  • There are four plugins currently in the Clex3 tweak, namely- Playlists, Songs, iTunes, and Albums.
  • The Albums plugin shows all your albums in one place, from where you can pick the song you want to listen. clex3-3
  • The Playlists plugin obviously shows all the playlists. Just tap on a playlist to see all the songs in it. Then tap on the top label to return to the list and check out the other playlists.
  • The Songs plugin lists down all the songs that are currently present in your iPhone. Once you choose a song, you will get an indicator above the artwork of the song. If you tap on the Song label, the song that is currently playing will be displayed.
  • The iTunes plugin plugin displays a list of all the current top songs in iTunes. You can search for songs you like and preview them by tapping on them. clex3-2clex3-4

But before you get all excited, we should tell you that the tweak can be installed only on an iPhone running iOS 9 and higher. If you are on iOS 8, you should download Clex2, while those on iOS 7 can get the original version of Clex. iPad users will be disappointed, as this tweak does not work with iPads and runs only on iPhones.

Download : 

You can get the Clex 3 tweak from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. After downloading Clex , make sure you keep checking for updates as more plugins for the tweak are on their way.

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