Cream – Get Colored ControlCenter Toggles

The iOS Control Center has undergone significant changes over the years, but many users find it bland and boring. Apple should have made the Control Center more aesthetic so that it appeals to the eye, but all you have is grey icons. Meanwhile, users of the Apple Watch will know that activating toggles like Do Not Disturb or the Airplane Mode makes that particular icon change its color. This way, the whole UI looks nice and cheerful and does not look boring at all. What if you could get the same feature in iOS ? Yes, you can!

Image : Cream – Get Colored ControlCenter Toggles

cream tweak cydia app

A jailbreak tweak called Cream is available in Cydia for free and brings the colorful toggles from watchOS to the Control Center in iOS. Of course, Cream is a small tweak and changing the color of the activated toggles in the Control Center might not look like a huge change. However, it does make the whole Control Center look good aesthetically and adds charm to it. Apart from coloring the toggles, the tweak makes it easier for you to know which toggles have been activated and which ones are not in use currently. Read more about the features of the tweak below.

Image : Apple Watch with coloured toggles

apple watch cream


  • The Cream tweak makes the toggles in the iOS Control Center change colors when activated.
  • So when you install the tweak and go to the Control Center, you will see boring icons. But when you activated any of those toggles, they will change color and the whole screen will look vibrant and cheerful.
  • Do note that the tweak changes the colors of the toggles only when they are activated and not when they are disabled. cream3 cream2
  • One great thing about the Cream tweak is that it is compatible with other tweaks that are meant to modify the Control Center. For instance, you can use CCSettings and FlipControlCenter tweaks with Cream without worrying about any of them interfering with the others.cream1
  • You won’t find any preferences for the Cream tweak. It starts working right after it is installed and there are no options to configure.

Download :

You must definitely try out the Cream tweak at least once, and it’s free too, so there’s no harm in trying. If you are not yet jailbroken and are running iOS 9.1, you can use the latest Pangu iOS 9.1 jailbreak to install Cydia on your device. Once your iOS device is jailbroken, you can install numerous amazing tweaks from Cydia.

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