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Jailbreaks are great things but they don’t always run smoothly and there will be times when you need to remove one from your iPhone. To help you out there is a very useful tool called Cydia Eraser, one that many old-hands at jailbreak will actually remember as Cydia Impactor. The developer, Saurik, has renamed the original Cydia Impactor as Cydia Eraser and repurposed Cydia Impactor into a tool for side-loading .ipa files onto your device. Cydia Eraser is the first tool you should download when you jailbreak and here’s why .

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Cydia Eraser Features :

  • Remove your jailbreak without having to use iTunes
  • Cydia Eraser will take you back to the iOS version you were on when you installed the jailbreak, leaving you free to re-install it again
  • Need to take your device to an Apple repair shop ? Use Cydia Eraser to remove the jailbreak and save your warranty from being voided
  • When you sell your iPhone or iPad, you can remove the jailbreak easily
  • No need to use a Mac or Windows computer; Cydia Eraser works directly from your device
  • It will remove all data and settings, taking you right back to stock iOS, so you must backup your data first

Why Not Use iTunes to Remove Cydia ?

When you use iTunes to remove a jailbreak you are restoring it and, by default, iTunes will put you straight on to the latest iOS version. There may not be a jailbreak for that version and that will leave you with no option for installing Cydia. Cydia Eraser doesn’t affect the firmware version you are on, leaving you the choice of what to do.

How to Use :

It couldn’t be easier to use Cydia Eraser and you can find full instructions on how to use it to restore your iOS device below. Nothing has changed from when it was Cydia Impactor, only the name and anyone who is using Cydia Impactor should update to the latest version now.

Steps Use Cydia Eraser :

  1. Backup your device using iCloud or iTunes.
  2. Make sure that your device is plugged in and that it has at least 20% battery. ios_10_battery_charge_ios_10
  3. Launch Cydia and install Cydia Erasercydia_erasercydia_eraser_0
  4. Next, run Cydia Impactor and tap on delete all data and unjailbreak devicecydia_eraser_1cydia_eraser_delete
  5. Confirm the action by tapping the Delete All button. The unjailbreak process will begin; wait patiently and don’t touch anything.
  6. After Cydia Impactor has finished unjailbreaking your device, the iOS welcome screen will come up.  ios_9_hello_screen

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