Cydia Impactor – Download and How to Use

Most Cydia users know that Cydia Impactor is a vital tool that is used for deleting a jailbreak and remove Cydia. Saurik has renamed the tool as Cydia Eraser now. While Cydia Eraser now does what Cydia Impactor used to do, the latter is now a brand new tool created by Saurik to assist with the installation of unsigned .ipa files by sideloading them.

Image : Cydia Impactor Tool

cydia impactor ios 9

How to Sideload Apps using Cydia Impactor :

  1. Download and run Cydia Impactor utility for Windows and Mac from the official link or use this ( alternate link )
  2. Connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac
  3. Drag the desired .ipa file into Cydia Impactor, keeping the interface open and visible on your desktop, and ensure that your iOS device is recognized by the tool cydia-impactor-jailbreak
  4. An Apple ID warning will appear – click on OK cydia impactor jailbreak2_install
  5. Input your Apple ID and password and click on OK . You can set up a dummy account for this if you want.cydia impactor jailbreak3_installcydia impactor jailbreak0_install
  6. Cydia Impactor will now get to work on preparing and signing the IPA file. Provided everything goes as expected, the new app will be downloaded and installed onto your device [ in this case Pangu app] – don’t run it at the moment pangu_icon_cydia_impactor
  7. On your iOS device, open Settings > General , tap on Device Management and any lower a version, tap on Profile  
  8. Locate the Apple ID profile and tap it and then tap on Trust
  9. Come out of Settings and open the new app.

Features of Cydia Impactor :

Cydia Impactor is one of the best GUI tools for mobile and one of the few that works properly. However, it is under continuous development and, as such, only a few features are available. Those that are working are working very well though so let’s look at what there is:

  • Bridging Connections

Cydia Impactor allows you to easily bridge a connection between your Phone and your computer, as well as providing facilities to restart a connection or disconnect altogether. For this, you must know what the port number is.

  • Rooting Android Device

Cydia Impactor makes rooting Android devices very simple. Just plug your device into your computer with Cydia Impactor running, click on Start and it will be rooted in seconds from v2.3 up to v5.0.

  • Unlocking Bootloader

One of the more useful features is this one – with an Identifier token, Cydia Impactor can generate the unlock bootloader file, enabling easily locking and unlocking of bootloader

  • USB Driver Built-In

Cydia Impactor incudes the relevant USB drivers so you haven’t got to go looking for them. All you need to do is find them in Cydia Impactor and download them manually

  • Install Package

Finally, Cydia Impactor has a series of package tools, allowing you to flash mod packages, update any package or root a package if needed, as well as manually recovering files without the use of Fastboot tools.

Let us know if you are going to install .ipa files and what you think of this new download and installation method. Follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our free email newsletter for instant updates to your inbox.

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  1. jailbroke my ipad i have 9.0.1 ios and cydia app is there when i hit it all it has been doing is for a flash is saying updating filesystem

  2. Hi Guys!
    does anyone have idea about the release of cydia impactor for ios 9.0.2??
    since none of the cydia tweak is working on my iphone 6.
    and even the phone is laggier than ever before.
    sorry for my bad english bdw!

  3. Hola, el iPhone 5 no sale en la lista de dispositivos compatibles.
    Entiendo q no lo puedo hacer en mi teléfono, verdad?.

  4. Just wondering why do you guys need our Apple ID and password. Starting to wonder if the Chinese develope these jailbreaks to be able to spy on people that install it, I’ve got nothing interesting in my life anyone would benefit from so I jailbreak away:) anyways not happy that it requires info like Apple ID and password seems a bit sketchy but what do I know. Okay well thanks for the jailbreak

  5. Not to happy I’m being asked to enter in a Apple ID a and password
    Starting to wonder if the Chinese use these jailbreaks to spy on anyone using there method to jailbreak, I don’t really care I’m not to interesting nor have anything that would benefit them in anyway so I’ll jailbreak away:) thanks for the jailbreak even if the real purpose for release is for nafarious purposes lol

  6. I have tried to follow your jailbreak instructions over the past two weeks. In every case, I was unable to make the jailbreak happen.

    Reluctantly, I have given up on the Pangu method(s), since the prospect of repeating a successful jailbreak every 7 days, is alarming and since I can’t even get the first jaibreak done.

    Please consider re-writing your method(s) in unambiguous English, so that we can follow the method we select, with accuracy and with success.

  7. done everything as stated step for step above..numerous times now, and have gotten jailbreak succedded , BUT the CYDIA app is not there…can someone please hekp me with this

  8. I have a problem… I tried to unjailbreak using Cydia eraser and it showed an error… When I restarted my device the was no Cydia and no tweaks in setting but it still says I am jailbroken please help

  9. It says my offset is not found for ipad 3,3 -- ios 9.3.5. I thought this was a fix for that? What offset am I supposed to use?

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