Cydia Repos for iOS 9

2016 has been a busy year, with iOS 9.3.4 patching all current jailbreak tools while Pangu and PP had previously come up with an iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak . Having Cydia iOS 9 out now , it’s time to take a look at those sources in Cydia that will support iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak. First, you may need to add some of these sources to Cydia, here’s how to do that.

Image : Cydia iOS 9 Ready Repo Sources

cydia repo

Top Cydia iOS 9 Ready Repo’s :

  1. HASHBANG Productions – URL –

HashBang is loaded with useful tweaks for the jailbreaker, including such gems as Tap to Unlock and ScreenFade

  1. Karen’s Pineapple – URL –

Karen’s Pineapple repo is popular with those who like to play PS 1, Nintendo, and other old-school games, and is loaded with emulators

  1. Lux – URL –

This is the place to get the popular F.Lux tweak that gives you more control over the brightness of your iPhone or iPad display

  1. TeamXBMC – URL –

Self-explanatory, this repo gives you more media options than you could possibly have time to take advantage of.

  1. BiteSMS Beta – URL –

This repo contains the beta versions of the most popular messaging app ever released.

  1. iCleaner Pro – URL –

iCleaner is a highly popular app, helping you to clean up your iOS device and getting rid of bad files, broken links, temporary files, an d all manner of other stuff that helps you increase space

  1. Ryan Petrich – URL –

Ryan Petrich is a very active developer and is always coming up with new and useful tweaks, mostly in beta format for you to test out. He is responsible for tweaks like BrowserChooser and Activator. The most popular gestures tweak ever.

  1. Couria Beta – URL –

Couria is a light version of BiteSMS for those that want just a few of the popular features without the full experience.

  1. iLEX RAT – URL – http://cydia.myrepospace/iLEXiNFO

iLEX RAT is one of the advanced repos, designed for those who are more technically minded in programming

  1. CoolStar – URL –

Another advanced repo for those who are familiar and comfortable with command line tweaks

  1. Forty Six & Two – URL –

This is one of the lesser-known repos but it contains a few very nice tweaks, including Alarmy and JellyLockClock

  1. ParrotGeek – URL –

Includes a number of nice useful tweaks, like Siri Old Voice and Adrenaline

  1. Coke Pokes – URL –

Another useful repo that contains tweaks such as AirBlueEnabler

  1. Apple Watch UI – URL –

This is where you go to get a tweak that gives you an Apple Watch-like interface for your iPhone [reported not working]

  1. KuaiDial – URL –

Useful app for those who want to change the way their dialer app looks . [reported not working]

Tip : Adding a total of 15 repos , heck of a job right . Not to worry , add multiple repo’s at once . Check out this article to Add Multiple Cydia repo’s at once .

How to Add a Repo Source in Cydia :

Note that you must have an jailbroken iOS device with the latest version of Cydia installed. Then proceed with the tutorial below with video guide.

  1. Open Cydia ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10
  2. Tap Sources cydia ios 9 source add
  3. Tap Edit and the tap on Add repo source iphone 6 ios 8cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add1
  4. Type in the URL of the repo source that you want to add from the list above .cydia add repo
  5. Tap on Add Source repo hack your iphone cydia ios 9

Video : Step by Step Guide of the above steps

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  1. I am a online gamer. I was wondering if there was a way to find the repo of any game. Can someone tell me how to find the url / repo. I am trying to get gems on this game called Order And Chaos Online. Anyone know the repo? Please email me

  2. Neither of these repo’s are iOS 9 compatible. Not worth trying. The links aren’t relevant. iOS 9 jailbreak is available via the official website of Pangu

    1. Yeah ive noticed that these websites just change all the iOS version number in the article and keep the same shit wrong repositories back from iOS 7

  3. hi there, i have a question can i delete the following source from cydia? ive been looking over the internet and i cannot find any information everytime i start cydia, it takes 10 mins to load sources because this devbug takes 10 mins to finish

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