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Just after iOS 10 was revealed at WWDC 2016, Apple seeded the very first beta to developers. Now, just a few weeks down the line, we are on iOS 10 beta 3 and details are beginning to emerge about what we expect to see. One of the changes comes in the form of an overhaul to the Control Center, as it becomes more colorful, less cluttered and more modular than it has ever been. Until now, the Control Center has been an edge-to-edge experience for users but, with iOS 10 it becomes more like a popup window.

Image : Decorus is an iOS 10 inspired Control Center Tweak

decorus ios 9 cydia

While the main page will still show you your normal toggles and shortcuts, alongside AirPlay settings and the slider for brightness control, you will see that the Music controls have disappeared. Now, you can swipe to the right and you will find that those controls have been given a dedicated page. You will see more information about your media as everything has more room to spread out and you will also get a dedicated volume control slider.

Decorus – The Jailbreak Alternative :


What if you are not testing out iOS 10 download and you simply can’t wait until the new firmware is released in September ? Well, provided you have a jailbroken device or are on an iOS that can be jailbroken, you can give the latest new tweak a whirl. It’s called Decorus and, although not an exact replica of the new features in iOS 10, it is somewhere near it.

You won’t see the colors that show up when the buttons are toggled on iOS 10 but you can combine Decorus with Cream [image above], another jailbreak tweak, to get something more like it.  The music module looks great and includes all the features and controls you want with only a couple missing – the 30 second jump buttons and the sound output selector. In short, Decorus is rather more cosmetic than useful but it does give you a great new look for your iOS 9 device. decorus1decorus2

Decorus Configuration :

The tweak will get its own configuration pane in your Settings app and clicking on that gives you several options for customization:

  • The ability to disable and enable the tweak as and when you want
  • Disable the zoom animations when you play your music
  • Choose a color and blur for the Music controlsDecorus-Preferences-Pane
  • Choose the color and blur for the Control Center
  • Choose the color and blur for the backdrop
  • Respring button to save all your changes

The color picker in Decorus is not your standard one, giving you just a set number of colors to choose from. It uses LibColorPicker which mean you can set any color that you want without any limits, giving you the option to make your iOS 9 device truly unique, something that no-one else will have. Decorus-Colored

Download :

You can get Decorus from the BigBoss repository in Cydia for $0.99. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources. Let us know what you think of it if you decide to give it a go.

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