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The concept of jailbreaking iOS has become extremely popular over the years. In fact, iOS jailbreaking is loved to such an extent that many people jailbreak their iOS devices right after they have bought it, in case a jailbreak is available at that time. Also, the absence of a jailbreak for a particular iOS version makes the jailbreakers very restless and they await any further developments very eagerly. This eagerness is not a singular feeling, but it is actually shared by Cydia, an important part of jailbreaking.

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Cydia was released in 2008 February by Jay Freeman [ read about cydia ], whom we all know as Saurik. Since its release, there never has been a shortage of jailbreak tweaks and apps for jailbroken iOS devices. Freeman has taken care of Cydia very well, knowing how important it is to the jailbreak community, and thus has updated it regularly from time to time.

Why Cydia Needs to be Deleted ?

However, many people install Cydia on their devices just out of curiosity to find out what it is and how it works. Most of such users want to delete Cydia as soon as they are done exploring it, as they fear that it might cause problems to their iOS devices. Another thing about installing Cydia is that the concept is surrounded by a lot of myths. Many people think that installing Cydia on their devices voids their warranty, which is not the case, as Cydia can be uninstalled and warranty can be restored. If you are among those people who want to get rid of Cydia, then this article will guide you the right way.

It is also possible that you love Cydia but want to install it for the moment as you want to take it for repairs. For those who don’t know, installing Cydia on your iOS device means rooting or jailbreaking it, which voids its warranty temporarily. So if something happens to your device to such an extent that it needs to be taken to the Apple Center, then you must uninstall Cydia from your device so that the authorities there do not raise questions about the warranty of your device.

Many people would also like to Uninstall Cydia because they want to sell their iOS device and they want to give it away in stock condition, as people who don’t know about jailbreaking or dislike it will probably avoid buying it, even if the phone is in excellent condition. And the last reason to uninstall Cydia can be that you want to go back to stock iOS for the moment.

Whatever may be the reason, if you want to Delete Cydia from your iOS device, then just use one of the following methods.

Method 1 : Directly Uninstall Cydia App from iPhone

  1. Go to the Cydia app on your Home screen but do not open it.
  2. Now tap and hold the Cydia icon till it starts wiggling. delete_cydia0
  3. Next, tap on the cross on the wiggling app icon delete_cydia1
  4. Select the delete option to remove the app from your device completely. delete_cydia2

Please remember that using this method to delete Cydia app will only remove the Cydia icon and will not unjailbreak the phone.

Video : Above Steps Explained on Video

Method 2 : Using Cydia Eraser App

For those who don’t yet know, Cydia Eraser is a very popular tweak that deletes Cydia from your device and also removes the jailbreak, thus restoring your device to stock iOS without using iTunes. This method does not upgrade or downgrade your firmware , it simply removes all instances of cydia and the jailbreak that was done on your device , making it pristine clean with no leftover codes that anyone can trace . This process is useful if you want to remove Cydia just temporarily which still keeping the device jailbreakable. One may want to try out this method while selling the device or sending for repairs in Apple care .

Method 3 : Restore using iTunes App

itunes restore

The cleanest procedure to remove Cydia from your device is to restore your device to stock iOS using iTunes. This deletes Cydia, removes the jailbreak, and updates your iOS device to the latest stock iOS firmware if available .

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  1. it seems that this cydia impactor is not for iOS 9 and it does not work. i have a 4s and its super slow on iOS 9.0.2 so i tried to jailbreak and see if i could speed it up but it did not. plus, i did not make a backup because it was my first jailbreak and with android a root can be uninstalled at anytime. so i have no clue how to remove the jailbreak to update to iOS 9.1 any help would be great!

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