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If you are an avid texter and are always stuck to the iOS keyboard in your iPhone, you will accept that the iOS keyboard is not that great and has some drawbacks. For instance, deleting text in the iOS keyboard is too fast. When you have typed down a lot of text and want to delete a few words, you hold down the Delete key on the iOS keyboard. but if you press the key for a few seconds, you will end up deleting entired words, and you might also end up deleting the whole text that you typed with so much effort. If you have experienced this a couple of times, you will accept that it can be very annoying.

Image : Delete Cut Cydia Tweak for Quick Delete of Entire words

deletecut cydia tweak

Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly invoke the keyboard action that deletes entire words instead of letters ? Well, if you are wishing for such a keyboard modifier, we have got something for you. A jailbreak tweak called DeleteCut will make deleting words easier on your iOS keyboard. The tweak enables you to delete complete words quickly by just holding the Shift key along with the delete key.

The DeleteCut tweak is very helpful for those who type a lot on their iOS device. Let’s go through some of its features.

Features :

  • With the DeleteCut tweak, you will be able to delete complete words instantly instead of pressing down the Delete key and waiting for a few seconds.
  • After you have installed the tweak on your device, you will be able to configure the preferences through the Settings app.deletecut-settings
  • In the preferences pane of the tweak, you will find a kill switch to enable or disable the tweak. You will also be able to change the color of the Delete key using color slide | hexadecimal color picker.deletecut-setting
  • The working mechanism of the tweak is very simple. Your iOS keyboard will work normally until you press the Shift key. Once the tweak is enabled, you will have to press down the Shift key to invoke the delete action of the tweak. After pressing the Shift key, you will notice that the Delete key will turn into the color that you selected. Now the tweak is in action and you can press the delete key one by one to delete the words you want to.

Download :

The DeleteCut works as said and is definitely worth using if you  text a lot on your iOS device. Try it out and let us know what you think. DeleteCut can be downloaded from the BiggBoss repo in Cydia. It is a free package, so it does not cost anything to try the tweak. iOS 9 Jailbreak required for Cydia.

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