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Popularly known for creating the compulsory tweak Activator, Ryan Petrich is quite active nowadays regarding his tweaks. He has provided a monster update to Activator earlier this week and has also given the Display Recorder an update bump to make it compatible with the latest iOS 9.

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In case you are new to jailbreaking or the Cydia environment, you might be unaware of the Display Recorder tweak. Well, the tweak is very popular among jailbreakers. It enables you to record the screen of your iPhone while also showing the spots where you tapped on the screen, thus guiding your viewers step-by-step. This tweak can be great for developers or people who like to review tweaks or apps or those who prepare iOS tutorials. You can also use the tweak to record your gaming performance and show it off to your friends.

Display Recorder is used by a lot of jailbreakers since a lot of years and is still the best, unbeatable way of capturing the screen of your iPhone on video.

Features :

  • With the Display Recorder tweak, you can capture a video of your iPhone screen while also showing the taps (optional).
  • The framerate of the video can be adjusted and the rotation/orientation can also be set as per the need.
  • The videos are captured in H/264/MOV and can be captured with the Mic Audio too.display_recorder_ios_90
  • You can even control the quality of your video from 0.5-7Mbps.
  • You can use Activator along with the Display Recorder tweak to start/stop recording the screen with just a gesture.
  • There are a lot more customization options in the tweak, as minute as changing the size of the on-screen taps!

The official changelog for Display Recorder 1.3.19 is here:

  • Allow assigning an Activator action to launch the Display Recorder app display_recorder_ios_91
  • Fix iFile integration on iOS 9
  • Fix camera roll permissions error on iOS 9
  • Fix landscape recording resulting in cropped videos on iPad
  • Fix tapper settings to applying immediately in some cases.

Display Recorder was actually already provided iOS 9 compatibility in the previous update itself. However, the latest update brings stability improvements for iOS 9, which is always appreciated.

Download :

In case you are already having Display Recorder installed in your iPhone, you must not miss this update. But if you are new to the tweak and want to get it on your iOS device, you can buy it from Cydia for just $4.99. It can also be downloaded for free from 3rd party repos.

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