DockAlpha – Adjust iOS HomeScreen Dock Opacity

The Dock in iOS 9 looks great and houses your favourite app icons to give you a quick shortcut to them. There are a lot of tweaks in Cydia that help you increase the number of apps allowed in the dock, change the look of the dock, and more. Well, if you love such jailbreak tweaks that allow you to play with the iOS Dock, then you should add another nice tweak to your list.

Image : DockAlpha РAdjust iOS HomeScreen Dock Opacity

dockalpha tweak

A pretty new jailbreak tweak called DockAlpha brings nice a customization option for the dock for modifying its opacity or transparency. If you are looking for such a tweak, read the features of this tweak below and see if it is the right tweak for you to download. Note that this tweak is Free to Download, so you shouldn’t hesitate at all to know about its features and give it a try.

Features :

  • DockAlpha enables you to adjust the transparency of the dock on iOS 9 and give it a better look and nativity to the whole iOS 9 environment. What you get is a cleaner, more opaque look of the Dock that does not attract too much attraction towards it but is still there whenever you need it.
  • This free tweak changes the look of the Dock subtly without making any huge changes, thus making the Home screen more tidier and spacious.¬†dockalpha 2
  • Once you have installed the DockAlpha tweak on your iOS device, you can configure its various options through its preferences pane that can be found in the stock Settings app. From the preferences, you will get a slider that will allow you to adjust the Dock alpha settings. All the changes does need a respring of the device to come into effect.
  • When you touch and hold on the slider and slide it to the left-hand side, the opacity of the Dock is decreased. You can increase the opacity by sliding the slider to the right-hand side. The tweak keeps the default dock setting at 1, which sits at the extreme right of the slider.

Download :

As we said earlier, you can get the DockAlpha tweak from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for free. You need to pay absolutely nothing, which is why you should definitely try out this tweak and see if it does improve the aesthetics of your home screen and make it more viewable. Do let us know in the comments below if you found the tweak useful.

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