Downgrade iOS 9.3.4 to iOS 9.3.3

iOS 9.3.4 has been released [ Read iOS 9.3.4 Download ] and, for those that haven’t updated to it yet, you can do so via OTA on your device or iTunes on your computer. Most people have managed to update without any hitches but some unlucky ones have not been successful. This is mostly down to the fact that Apple’s servers simply cannot cope with the sheer number of users attempting to download in one go.  Of those that have managed to update, a small percentage of users are not happy with it and are looking to downgrade back to iOS 9.3.3. Fortunately, Apple is still signing the previous firmware so downgrading is possible.

Image : Downgrade iOS 9.3.4 to iOS 9.3.3

downgrade ios 9.3.4 to ios 9.3.3

Downgrade iOS 9.3.4 to iOS 9.3.3 :

Of course, another reason that you might want to downgrade for is to use the newly released jailbreak for iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak. It was released by Pangu and is called PPHelper but, you do need to check the requirements of the jailbreak first as it isn’t compatible with some iOS device or with Mac OS. You can check out all the details and instructions on how to download PPHelper in the given link. To downgrade your iOS 9.3.4 device, follow these steps :

  1. Download iOS 9.3.3 IPSW file that corresponds to your iOS device
  2. Make sure you are running the latest iTunes version – open iTunes, click Help > Check for Updates and follow the on-screen instructions if there is an update. itunes update mac
  3. Back up your data through iTunes and/or iCloud itunes backup ios 9
  4. On your iOS device, tap on Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone | iPad whichever one applies to you. Disable it for now; you can switch it back on laterfind my iphone turn off
  5. Connect your iPhone or iPad up to your PC and open iTunes
  6. Place your iOS device into DFU mode – Hold down the Home and Power buttons together and wait until the Apple Logo shows up on your device screen. Now release the Power button but hold the Home button down until you see the Connect to iTunes message on your device screen connect_to_itunes_recovery_mode_copy
  7. In iTunes, you will see a Device in Recovery message and you will be asked if you want to restore or update your device. Press the Shift [ Windows ] or ALT [ Mac ] key on your keyboard and click on Restore at the same time  itunes restore
  8. Navigate to the iOS 9.3.3 IPSW you downloaded earlier and select it
  9. Follow any instructions that iTunes gives you and then leave it to downgrade your device back to iOS 9.3.3.restore_in_progress_screen_iphone_6
  10. When the downgrade is finished, your device will reboot to the Hello screen and you can either start from scratch or use the backup you created earlier. itunes restore backup

Update [ 25th Aug 2016 ] : Apple stopped signing the iOS 9.3.3 firmware. This means you can no longer install or downgrade back to iOS 9.3.3. If you try to do this , iTunes will return an error “This device is not eligible for the requested build“. Please check iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak for latest jailbreak updates.

Have you decided to go back to iOS 9.3.3 ? Perhaps the new firmware was just too buggy or you decided you wanted to jailbreak after all ?  Make sure you stay completely up to date with all the latest developments by following us on Facebook and Subscribing to our free email newsletter.

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  1. I’ve followed the instructions but iTunes showed me a message of “incompatible firmware” for my iPhone 5C so I couldn’t downgrade… is there a solution for this? Thanks.

  2. I tried to do this. The problem was it kept saying “restore and backup failed” my iTunes is up to date? Can anyone help me out?

  3. I’m trying to downgrade ios 9.3.4 to ios 9.3.3 and it comes an error ( 3194).I tried to download again the file & install it,but it’s the same results.What can i do?

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