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iOS 9 is running on most of the iOS devices now, but we all know that the user experience hasn’t been very good so far. It is common for the initial versions of a new iOS firmware to be buggy, and the same happened with iOS 9. The firmware has some errors and technical issues, which is why Apple is continuously working hard on the testing process in order to resolve these problems. The company has already released the iOS 9.1 beta , which will be coming public soon. However, the news of the moment is that Apple has taken its first step forward in improving iOS 9 and has released iOS 9.0.2 download links for all the compatible iOS devices.

Image : iOS 9.0.2 IPSW Download Links

ios 9.0.2 download

iOS 9 has now been updated to iOS 9.0.2 and a lot of bugs have been fixed and many performance enhancements have also been included in the update. This release proves it again that Apple is committed to deliver the most convenient and best iOS experience to its customers. This release comes just a week after iOS 9.0.1 was released.

Update 30th Oct ’15 : iOS 9.0.2 signing has been stopped by Apple. This means you cannot downgrade , upgrade or restore to iOS 9.0.2 . The only option forward is upgrading to iOS 9.1 firmware and get an iOS 9.1 jailbreak . Existing iOS 9.2 users can jailbreak their devices on Pangu iOS 9.0.2 Jailbreak.

iOS 9.0.2 Features and Updates :

The iOS 9.0.2 changelog has also been released and is as follows .

ios 9.0.2 itunes update

  1. This update includes performance improvements and bug fixes
  2. The issue involving the toggling on or off of the mobile data usage has been fixed
  3. The bug that prevent iMessage activation for a few users has been resolved
  4. The issue when starting a manual backup interrupted an iCloud backup has been fixed
  5. The issue of the screen rotating incorrectly after receiving notifications has been resolved
  6. The stability of Podcasts have been improved.

You can easily make out from the changelog that Apple has focused more upon making iOS 9 more stable and improving its performance while fixing all the irritating bugs. This type of time-to-time updates do a lot to make the firmware healthy and efficient. A lot of updates are still undergoing testing and will be introduced soon.

In case your device is compatible with iOS 9 , we suggest that you look forward to and get ready for iOS 9.1, which will be a major update. As of now, these minor updates will focus on improving and stabilizing the firmware, but iOS 9.1 will also bring in many small new features, like new emojis and more.

Download Links – iOS 9.0.2 IPSW Files :

How to Install iOS 9.0.2 :

If you want to update and install iOS 9.0.2, you can do so by following this iOS 9 installation tutorial. There are three methods to update to iOS 9.0.2 . It can be done using iTunes , OTA or Over The Air method and Manual installation using IPSW files [links given above .]

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  1. thank god i found this, i was trying to jailbreak when ios9.1 dropped and installed itself when i was trying to restore my phone…

  2. thank god i found this, i was trying to jailbreak when ios9.1 dropped and installed itself when i was trying to restore my phone.

  3. Went back to iPad4,5_9.0.1_13A404_Restore.ipsw and tried that. It wouldn’t take either. I have a feeling that 9.1 is the only install that’s being signed.

  4. When i download the IPSW file for my iPhone 5s, it says that this iphone cannot be updated because the firmware is not compatible. I am trying to downgrade from IOS 9.1 to IOS 9.0.2 on a CDMA iPhone i believe.

      1. Same issue, i’m stuck on 9.1 on my iphone 6+ ‘firmware is not compatible” when trying to downgrade to 9.0.2

  5. When i download the IPSW file for my iPhone 6 plus, it says that this iphone cannot be updated because the firmware is not compatible. Can someone help me

  6. Can anyone help me I downloaded the right one for my iPhone 5s ( CDMA ) and it appears as a zip folder on my desk top not a file

  7. I got error 3194 after it was taking a while and said it was downgrading but then the error came up. need help please-answers.

  8. HELP::::::::::::::::
    i have one problem if i click to iphone 6S
    the next page give me this text

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #30.4c21d5cb.1446011071.1c9dbf4

    anyone can tell me how i can download the file

  9. I have a 5s CDMA that is still on 7.0.2 and I’m trying to upgrade to the 9.0.2. I downloaded the one that says 5s cdma but im getting an error “firmware file is not compatible. Anyone know why? I am sure I downloaded the right one.

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