EasyClear – 3D Touch Notification Clearing Tweak

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come with 3D Touch that allows users to perform quick actions by applying different amount of pressure to invoke different actions or shortcuts. So basically, you should be able to do anything in shortcut with 3D Touch, and there are a lot of jailbreak tweaks that help you do that.

Image : EasyClear Notification Clearing Tweak

easyclear tweak

A new jailbreak tweak called EasyClear helps you clear all the notifications on your iOS device instantly using 3D Touch. It clears all the notifications present throughout iOS, including app icon badges or notifications in the Notification Center.

Features :

  • With EasyClear, you just need to perform a 3D Touch gesture to get rid of notifications. Of instance, if there’s a notification badge on an app icon, you can clear it with a 3D Touch action.
  • When you 3D Touch on such an icon, the Quick Actions menu opens up, and a new option called “Clear Notifications” shows up. Just select that option and the notifications are cleared for that particular app. easyclear1
  • As for the Notification Center, you can do a double-tap gesture on the notification headers to clear notifications for a particular app. You can perform a 3D Touch on anywhere else in the Notification Center to clear all the notifications there. The same gesture can be used to clear the notifications of the Lock screen.easyclear4 (1)
  • EasyClear is not a small tweak; it comes with a very long list of preferences that allows you to take control of the tweak and customize it according to your choice. Some of the preferences include enabling/disabling the tweak, setting a custom 3D Touch gesture for clearing notifications, enabling/disabling gestures for devices that don’t have 3D Touch, and more. easyclear5
  • You also get options for enabling or disabling the Clear All button on the Home screen and Lock screen by swiping up. The haptic feedback while pressing the Clear All button can also be disabled, and you can set up a custom animation duration for the interface of the Clear All button. easyclear3
  • Users can configure an Activator gesture for revealing the Clear All button.


Download :

As you can see above, the list of customization preferences is very long, and that’s not even the complete list. If the functions of the EasyClear tweak appeal to you and you want to add some cool features to your 3D Touch-enabled iPhones, then you should surely try it out. You can buy EasyClear for $1.49 from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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