Eclipse 3 now Supported on iOS 9

The iOS 9 jailbreak scenario is developing at a quicker pace now, thanks to the timely arrival of the Pangu 9 jailbreak. A lot of jailbreak tweaks and apps are being updated for supporting iOS 9. One of those tweaks is Eclipse. Those who are long-time jailbreakers will know that this is one of the must-have tweaks, and now the iOS 9 compatible beta version of the Eclipse tweak has been released by the developer, bringing in a small addition.

Image : Eclipse 3

eclipse 3

In case you haven’t jailbroken before and don’t know what Eclipse is, it is a cool tweak which adds a night mode to iOS. This helps in reducing the amount of eye strain while using the phone in darkness. Let’s do a quick recap of the tweak’s features.

Features :

  • Eclipse 3 tweak adds a dark mode to the entire iOS environment in order to subdue the white backgrounds which cause a lot of strain on the eye when the device is used in darkness.
  • Not only does the tweak bring a true dark mode to iOS, but it also enables you to pick the color of your choice which will replace the white hue of the iOS background. This gives a great customization ability in your hands. eclipse_3
  • The noticeable change in the iOS 9 compatible Eclipse 3 is that all the apps that get the night mode are disabled by default. This helps you save a lot of time which goes into disabling the apps and you can manually enable the dark mode for specific apps. eclipse2-2

Porting the Eclipse 3 tweak to iOS 9 is a major task, which is why there still are a handful issues existing in it. But regular updates will surely make the tweak bug-free in the coming weeks.

Download Eclipse 3 on iOS 9

As of now, the Eclipse 3 beta package is not available at the default Cydia repos. You need to add the developers beta repo.

  1. Launch Cydia.
  2. In the Manage tab, tap on the Sources button.
  3. Now choose the Edit options and tap Add.
  4. Type in this repo URL in the given box: 
  5. Now tap on the Add Source button. The repo will be added to your Cydia sources.
  6. After adding the repo, you can simply search for the package and install it.

Please note that this beta package will work you only if you have purchased Eclipse before. Otherwise your device will go into Safe mode and you will be forced to uninstall the tweak.

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